FF Bun Toons. YAY!

The World's Greatest Webcomic presents...

The World’s Greatest Webcomic presents…

If I’m ever asked to write the Fantastic Four, I’m ready with solid ideas.

ff in the neg zone websize

As far as I know, Wonder Woman and Superman are actually making noogie nowadays, so you can’t keep up.

Remember, it’s only 13 days before the Mayan calendar runs out, so it’s not as if any of this matters after two weeks, anyway…

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS moments.  Arguably the two most NEGATIVE moments in the history of the Fantastic Four…

From the much loved “FRED AND BARNEY MEET THE THING” series of the early 80s.   Benjy Grimm is a teenager with a magic ring, who fought crime and stopped trains on Saturday morning, while sharing the hour with the Flintstones (although they never actually met during the show).

From the Roger Corman FF feature film.  This is about as negative as you get.


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For last week's Toon, Bun Toon...click on the words "James Bond".

For last week’s Toon, Bun Toon…click on the words “James Bond”.

For every Bun Toon ever (and yes, the archives have been updated!) click the very positive bunny above.

For every Bun Toon ever (and yes, the archives have been updated!) click the very positive bunny above.

8 responses to “FF Bun Toons. YAY!

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Dr. Doom isn’t wasting his life, he’s serving a necessary function as a screen onto which Reed Richards projects those aspects of himself that he finds unacceptable (in Jungian terms, he’s Reed’s ‘shadow’). No Doom, no Reed.

  2. Oh, the poor guy always loses. He’s up against a rubber man, his inivisible wife, her badly burnt younger brother and a pile of rocks and he still loses. Every time. Every goddam time. He needs to get a girlfriend, take some time out, chill, maybe think about doing something other than trying to kill the Fantastic 4 and then take over the world. Is there some counsellor in the Marvel Universe he can see to get over his issues?

  3. Erm… perhaps thinks are different back east, but we always called it making nookie, at least back in the 1930s. A noogie was the knuckles to the top of a skull while a guy had you in a headlock.

    Unless you meant that Supes and WW are taking out their excess aggression on one another. 🙂

    • Scott: You are correct. I KNEW that looked misspelled when I typed it. But considering the scripting that we’ve been getting in the JLA comic, it could be going either way (I stopped reading when they dropped the Shazam backup feature, which was the only thing about the book I really liked).

      • Alas, I gave up on regular collecting two months into the new 52. My faith in the big two is gone.

      • “Unless you meant that Supes and WW are taking out their excess aggression on one another. :-)”

        I almost wish it actually were this, because it sounds way more original than what they’re doing now. Plus…kinky. 😛

        I’m afraid that I actually dropped the book because of the Shazam back-up feature. The only thing in DC’s bag of tricks for revamping characters these days is to kill the character’s loves ones off so they’ll go all hardcore or turn them into douchebags.

  4. @Skywatcher Doom did find a new girlfriend and tried to marry her, but a bunch of teenagers showed up, reminded her that she was the Scarlet Witch, and off she went. (Granted, the teenagers I think also brought along the Avengers and the X-Men and probably some Justice League members if I’d looked more closely, but still he lost to teenagers who were on, what, their second case?) Maybe he should take up Scrabble. I think he’d be very good at it, and that’s a crowd that seems open to someone with excessive facial scarring.

  5. Oh man, that Thing cartoon looks TERRIBLE!

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