Top Five Bun Toon Countdown #4!

top five logo 2012 4

The annual pimping and bashing of my ego continues with entry #4 in the big, big top five countdown of the most popular Bun Toons of the year (and the five LEAST!).

For decades, the fine folks who collect and read comics have had their pantheon of cool, and it rarely includes Archie Andrews and his gang.  This year, us comics fans were schooled on what cool comics truly are…

archie superhero websize

And what became of “The Million Moms”?  Well, they never got more than about forty thousand members, and they tried to get Ellen Degeneris fired as a make-up spokesperson for Cover Girl.   Ellen is still their “face” in 2013, as far as I know.  So the score officially is:

Human decency: 2

Homophobic, dried-up, old louses: 0


When Bun Toons fight the good fight, it’s not always so popular.  Here’s an entry about bigotry and prejudice that was ignored by the planet Earth upon arrival.  Maybe I should have coloured it in…anti-bigotry rants need a little colour, right?

And besides, I sort of stole the idea from Swift…

a modest proposal web revised 3

So much for satire.

I’ll see you tomorrow as the year-end celebration heads towards our MOST read Bun Toon EVER!  Oh, what, what, what could it be?

Ty the Guy OUT!

2 responses to “Top Five Bun Toon Countdown #4!

  1. I did not mention it before but that rabbit looks a little gay wearing such a bright red T… Dang, I hate red…


    Steven Willis

  2. Good for Archie Comics. They have come a long way in twenty years.

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