Top Bun Toons of 2012 #3!

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More winners and losers of the year as we track the most and least popular posts of the last 12 months.

Our THIRD highest hit maker of the year came to us back in September, when I was in Montreal for a comic convention and didn’t have my scanner or my computer to get all photo-shoppy with.  Undaunted, I drew the weekly Toon at teeny size on a single piece of typewriter paper at my Brother-in-Law’s house and scanned it with his fax machine.  NOTHING stops the Bunny.

This strip was in reference to the then recent, and very exciting events of Avs.X —    This was in those wild days before Spider-Man #700, when life was so simple.

prof x bun toon websize

As of four months later, Xavier is still dead, I think.  But you never know, there’s probably a shadowy figure lurking around the Jean Grey school that might be him.  I don’t read the X-Titles like I used to.


I got a lot of encouragement to do MORE Bun Toons in this very minimalist style, without colour, without lettering, without any drawing skill, and a few weeks later I had exactly that opportunity when I found myself in a hospital emergency room one Saturday morning, to pass a kidney stone.  While waiting for the excruciating pain to ebb, I asked the nurse for paper and pencil to Bun Toon from my sick bed.

kidney websize

Even with that level of dedication, no one read this one.   It had a classical pee-on-yourself pathos ending and everything!   So it’s not the sloppy, badly lettered artwork you guys like, it’s the sloppy, badly lettered drawings of Wolverine.  Duly noted.

See you next time for more high-flyin’ hilarity, and low-brow fail.

Ty the Guy OUT!

10 responses to “Top Bun Toons of 2012 #3!

  1. It’s not that people didn’t read the ‘pee yourself’ cartoon, it’s just that it’s difficult to decide what exactly to say–“Bad Luck” “Well done” “LOL” or maybe “You mucky pup!” Maybe you ought to put this into a future SPIDERMAN story. I’ll bet that sort of thing has never happened to Spidey before.

    • These statistics don’t come from the comments section, Skywatcher, but from the daily stats I get from this blog. I know precisely how many people read each Bun Toon (at least, the number who read them here…the viral ones get reblogged a lot on other sites, and the numbers get impossible to guess, as we’ll be seeing on the #1 position…)

      • What about those of us that subscribe to the blog and read it via email? Are those readers (like me) counted? I’d hate to think that the numbers don’t reflect my reading of the Bun Toons. I read the pee one, and even commented to the effect that you’d think the hospital could provide you a replacement gown….

  2. I bet it Bunny died in the strip it would have been read more. Hey, that begs the question, how many times has the bunny died?


    Steven Willis

    • At the moment the Bunny has exchanged brains with his arch enemy (Bugs Bunny- see Easter of 2011 for proof!), but he’s not dead. At least not in this universe.

  3. Great stuff, as always. However, with your snow theme throwing up white dots that cut through things I think I’m seeing spots. I get dizzy and my head hits the desk.

  4. Not only did I read the hospital Bun Toon, I loved it enough I shared it on Facebook! But then, as a Crohnie, I’m partial to hospital humor anyway.

  5. Sorry to get all nerdy, but this is really interesting. I have your blog on my computer, allowing me to look at it with a simple click of the mouse. As a result, I visit regularly to see whether you’ve posted a new one. Does one person visiting the site again and again come out the same as different people visiting it once?

    By the way, I just like to say how much I enjoy this site. Your stuff cheers me up a lot, even when you are commenting on something rather grim.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • My computer can tell the difference between a “unique visitor” and a “hit”. On average, unique visitors hit 1.7 pages on the blog when they show up and unique visitors return an average of 1.06 times a day. Computers know everything.

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