And the Silver Goes To….

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We finish off the calendar year (but not our top five list) with an almost winner, and an annual wrong turn. All very fitting for 2012.

Back in the summer, a web-comic called “Order of the Stick” put together a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to publish a kick-ass collection of their strips (a delightful parody of Dungeons and Dragons, drawn stick-figure style).  They needed a good chunk of cash to publish, something like forty thousand dollars if I recall…

But they raised over a million.

So I did this Bun Toon the next week.

order of the bunny websized

My Bun Toon didn’t raise a million dollars, but it raised a decent audience for a fun laugh, which is what we’re all about at Bun Toon central.  If I worked JUST for the money, I’d have gone into meth dealing like my mother always wanted me to.


Our lovable loser this time out is entirely my fault.  When the Zombie Apocalypse broke out this fall, I did a sequel to a Bun Toon that finished 2011 in my bottom five.  The RETURN of Contessa Kristine Margarite Von Shoenefeld proved as unpopular as her first outing the previous year.

I keep suffering for my art, and now it’s your turn:

date fate web sized

Obviously I’m the only one who finds her funny.  I guess I’ll just have to do ten or fifteen more of these until I convince you.

Tomorrow is the start of 2013, and I’ve saved our TOP BUN TOONS of this year for tomorrow instead of today.  This way I start the next year with GRAND SUCCESS and it has NOTHING to do with my mis-reading the calendar a couple of days ago when I started this.  That would make me look stupid.

Ty the Guy (and 2012) OUT!

2 responses to “And the Silver Goes To….

  1. Even with a “twenty-eight charisma orb”, I gotta give it to you Ty on the colors: that yellow T and green cape, well, it a 28 charisma be not…


    Steven Willis

  2. I was sold on Contessa in 2011. Then she lost me with the Zombie thing. Zombies are yucky. Thank you, though, for not showing excessive amounts of entrails and innards….

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