Happy New Year, and the Top Bun Toons of 2012!

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It’s the New Year, you hung over revellers, and time for one last look back at the most popular Bun Toons of the last twelve months.

And to do that, my friends, I have to go to Hollywood accounting tricks, because I DO NOT KNOW which of the following two Bun Toons was the real winner.  I know which one had more hits on my own particular blog, but that becomes meaningless when you take into account how many different blogs and websites reprinted both of these strips, driving the readership into many multiples of what the numbers were here.  The first of the two was ACTUALLY the winner around here, setting the one day record for this website on the Saturday it went up, and the most “hit” Bun Toon of all time when the dust cleared.  Like Frank Miller last year, the peoples love it when you take down a star…


A friend of mine made up a pair of t-shirts that read “I love Alan Moore more than you do” and “I read Halo Jones” and wore them around me without mentioning that he’d done it.  No greater tribute to the Bun Toon could be had than destroying a white t-shirt with a black marker.


Even though the numbers for “Who Watches the Industry?” turned out to be the highest single day and single post we’ve ever had around here, the NEXT Bun Toon had far more websites reprinting it than anything we’ve ever done, and it drove so much traffic to my homepage that we were getting fifty thousand unique hits a week for a while.

now it makes sense revised

Bleeding Cool, I09, Forbidden Planet, MTV Geek, and dozens of other websites reprinted this toon as part of the news coverage of the summer Ghost Rider nonsense, and it was often quoted as some sort of authoritative source on the facts of the case as though I was a material witness.

I hope Gary is happy and well nowadays, and that the tsuris of the summer has cleared up.  He raised a little money through the internet (and the efforts of Steves Niles and Bissette, if I recall) to offset some of his costs , and we’re all pulling for him around here.  I’m as hippy-dippy, artist-over-corporation as they come, but every now and then I have to call bullshit when I see it, and the public narrative about his story became pure bovine waste as it picked up steam.

See you all in 2013, where we promise nothing but controversy, comedy and commitment to cartooning every week.  This is a sickness with me – one that doesn’t involve fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, so it’s one of the better ones.

And finally, thank you.  I really appreciate that you folks show up and read these compulsive little blurts of creative I do every Saturday morning.  Some suck, some are memorable, but none of them go into the ether completely unseen.  That’s all any artist in history has ever hoped for when he scribbles down the idea.  Thanks to the internet, I don’t have to cut off my ear and ask brother Theo to pay my rent.   Which means in the great story of human achievement, I kick Van Gogh’s ASS.

Ty the Guy OUT!

One response to “Happy New Year, and the Top Bun Toons of 2012!

  1. 2+ years now with The Bunny, it makes getting up every Saturday an enjoyment. Thanks Ty!


    Steven Willis

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