Taking my Chances Bun Toons YAY!

Not gone yet...But I keep trying!

Not dead so far…But I keep trying!

Whom among us has not made this same terrible mistake?

the annual tradition websizeExcuse me for a minute, I have a weird feeling in my tummy.

Of course, by giving you this comic strip for free, like Kyle Baker has recently done, I’m devaluing comics for everyone else.  I’m very sorry about that, but I’m a right bastard and cannot help it.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here now, your BONUS eating-the-inedible Comic Book Moment:

eddie bull comic

This is real, an edible comic book.  I’ve never actually seen one or I’d have gobbled it up before the last page.  Of course, if you DO find someone eating the wrong kind of magazine, the USDA has a handy comic book to teach kids how to spot the tummy troubles of tainted food…

usda comic book

Yup, that’s real too.   I can’t wait to see the stomach pumping “Splash page”.


To read last week's Bun Toon about Dan Slott, but nothing about food, click above.

To read last week’s Bun Toon about Dan Slott, (but nothing about food) click above.

for every bun toon ever, click the tasty, tasty rabbit.

for every bun toon ever, click the tasty, tasty rabbit.

8 responses to “Taking my Chances Bun Toons YAY!

  1. I once added green butter to my Kraft Dinner under the assumption that like cheese, you could separate the good stuff from the bad stuff. I was wrong. I lived alone back then and I was sure I would be found months later, half eaten by my poor cats would be forced to consume me to keep themselves alive.

  2. You are certain the “dear wife”, in knowing your yearly habits, did not dump some of the Whiskas into the empty cookie box? Of course, that is why probably you did not get sick after consuming…


    Steven Willis

  3. Living with Crohn’s disease, I base every eating decision on how much food might hurt me.

    That reminds me, here’s another comic book that actually exists that I think deserves recognition in your pantheon of “WTF?” comics:

    Pete Learns All About Crohn’s and Colitis. That links to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America’s free .pdf of the comic. There’s a print edition available, too. I actually have a handful of those.

    Alas, there are no credits so I have no idea who actually worked on it! Perhaps you or one of your colleagues knows or an eagle-eyed reader can identify the workmanship?

  4. Never mind about the credits. I see them in the small fine print in the PDF version. I could have sworn they were absent in the print edition! Hilarie Staton wrote it, art by Joe Staton, colors by Matt Webb, letters by Christopher Mills. I swear, if I ever get the chance to see any of these people at a con, I’m taking that to get signed.

  5. I took a look at it, and yeah, that absolutely my old buddy Joe Staton doing the art on this one. Joe and I worked together for a couple of years on Batman (and one or two other things), and I’d recognize his work anywhere.

  6. Ty, a quote I will always treasure from you. “This is the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth.” I believe it was a hot dog. Might have been at a store signing or a con. NOT burger con. Ron always had good eats.

  7. My tummy was ok, then I read this, and it’s been owie all night. 😦

    Hey, if the cookies are really bad, when they come out, the toilet will be nice and green to put you back in the Christmas spirit! Or early St Patrick’s Day!

    Of course you’ve never seen the edible comic book, everyone who had one ate it!

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