Hoping for the Best Bun Toons! YAY!


I try to keep up with the new releases from Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse.  But every now and then, I get surprised by an advertisement for the next big project…


Now, it’s always a good thing to aim for diversity in your characters, and to reach out to communities not well served by the biz in general.  And with the Mandarin starring in the next BIG BLOCKBUSTER from Marvel, these sort of characters are always POSSIBLE for a re-vamp.

Please, turn out well.  I like DC Comics and want good things for them.

And I’m waiting for the YELLOW CLAW to come back. 


Here now, your BONUS Vibe Moments:

For those too young to remember, VIBE was the oft-maligned Latino super-hero from Justice League Detroit, who spray painted things, break danced, threatened people who talked to his sister, and spoke in such broken English you had to say his dialog out loud.  He was killed off fairly quickly after his arrival.

Included in this image:  Other characters that never became popular

Included in this image: Other characters that never became popular

The new DC Comic “Justice League of America’s VIBE” is due out in a matter of weeks.  The art looks good…

It might be terrific!

It might be terrific!

Vibe has shown up in a few animated episodes without causing trouble, but in the comics…?  Not so much.

vibe_r001A couple of years back, onceuponageek.com created a phoney VIBE comic as an April Fool’s Joke.   But that was way back in 2009 –  a different world, when that sort of idea was funny.

Of course, with OTHER super-heroes, VIBE has been a very popular magazine for years…

R Kelly almost counts as a super-hero because he believes he can fly.

R Kelly   counts as a super-hero because he believes he can fly.


To read last week's Bun Toon featuring my idiot cat, click above.

To read last week’s Bun Toon featuring my idiot cat, click above.

To visit the Bun Toons archive, click the vibrating rabbit above.

To visit the Bun Toons archive, click the vibrating rabbit above.

17 responses to “Hoping for the Best Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. “Chop-Chop” did come back, albeit as a normal Asian dude who refused to be called Chop-Chop anymore. Also butterfly collar Luke Cage is the best. The best, Jerry, the best!

    • Why do they call it Oval-tine? It’s ROUND-Tine!
      Yes, Chop Chop did come back, as reworked by Howard Chaykin. I even mentioned that in the Bun Toon.

      • Somehow my tired brain misread that part as you saying that Chaykin brought them all back except Chop-Chop, when really you meant that Weng Chan was basically a new character only kinda sorta based on Chop.

  2. As hilarious as this comic is, I’m seriously hoping no one starts discussing unflattering racial stereotypes because Ebony White popped up here…

  3. I look at the connections you made in this morning’s blog: Vibe, yellow uniform, R Kelly. It makes me afraid for anyone just below the new Vibe when he “activates his super-power” stream…


    Steven Willis

  4. Did Chop Chop handle the bris in the Chaykin Blackhawks?

    And DC needs to do some Vibe cross promotion with Trojan, right? It so fits! (umm, that may need to be reworded)

    I especially liked the Luke Cage panel, Ty.

  5. Oh dear god, I’m old enough to remember buying the Justice League Detroit books. (My favourite shout-out in this comic, though, has to be Extraño)

    • Ah, but do you recognize the dude in the shiny disco bathing suit standing next to him? One of the iconic jaw-dropper characters of the 70s…the amazing TYROC!

      • I remember buying the first issue of LSH in which Tyroc joined the team. Back in the days when you bought comics off of those metal spinning racks at the local variety store.

        I also got the issue, several years later, when they sent him off to another dimension, never to be seen again. (Well… “never” in the comics sense).

  6. Difficult to hate Vibe when he was the entirety of the Breakin’ franchise rolled into one comic book character. I love those movies.

    Yellow Claw update? Got it:

  7. Ty – Thanks for linking to my ONCE UPON A GEEK blog post about VIBE: REBIRTH! The real irony is that we picked Geoff Johns as the writer for the new Vibe series. Fast forward four years and ta-da!


  8. Actually, I believe the Yellow Claw actually did get revived in Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk’s Agents of Atlas series. A fun comic nonetheless though.

  9. Hey man, Egg Fu got let out of limbo years ago as Chang Tzu in 52.

  10. Ahhh, racism, you will never go away…

  11. Yeah, the character’s broken English/accent was so bad, that my girlfriend at the time and I referred to him as “Vee-bay”.

  12. I’m ashamed to say that the funniest part of this post is the R Kelly part.

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