URGENT: Ty needs money TODAY!!


Ty made some mention of his plans for Easter Sunday. While the rest of us were eating dinner and watching movies with our families, Ty was off with a group of new friends protesting at a makeup company against their use of animal testing. Ty had seen photos of the rabbits they used and was particularly horrified.

Ty says the turnout for the protest was low, and Ty being Ty, he thought they needed some “street theatre” to make it more interesting. (If you’ve ever planned an event with Ty, you know how often he suggests that someone call “the news stations, email all the pop culture blogs!”). So Ty decided to literally make it look like a show and had constructed a backdrop for the protesters to stand in front of. I think the original plan was for people to give speeches in front of it–but someone set one of their signs on fire(trying to make a dramatic point). (Ty says logic seems to have disappeared at that point as it made no sense to burn the signs with their messages on them)

Anyway the backdrop obviously caught fire (I think someone had minor singeing of their pants), and when the people arrived trying to control the protesters, they tried to drag everyone away from the backdrop and to knock it over and stomp out the fire. Ty, enraged, thought that the police were destroying the protest and trying to stop them from it. He tried to grab the backdrop and drag it away from a couple of officers and in the process, he accidentally elbowed one in the face.

Ty has been arrested and is currently facing a number of charges. I’m a little overwrought and can’t concentrate very well, so I keep getting them mixed up. I know “assaulting an officer” is one–but I’m having trouble keeping track of the others. I have to get Ty a lawyer and get him out on bond (? I think that’s the expression? on bail?) so he can teach his class tonight. (A couple of the protesters told me that he was loudly shouting that he couldn’t be locked up as he had a class to teach.)

The amount of the bail is substantially out of our means. We’ve had to borrow money from a couple of relatives, but they want to be paid back almost instantly (Ty being arrested hasn’t struck them as very responsible, and they’re particularly shocked by the charge of assault against a police officer). As well, we need to be able to pay a lawyer. (Some of the protesters were part of the G20 protests, and advised Ty that he actually needs a decent lawyer).

So, I’ve been able to talk to Ty briefly and he has agreed, unhappily, to let me sell off pages he’s never made available before. I’ve found the box with all of the #1 covers from the various incarnations of Batman Adventures, (Batman and Robin #1, Gotham Adventures #1 etc) and I will be putting them up on eBay (or possibly taking email offers through Ty’s email). Ty has also said I can put up his original Kirby page (from Mister Miracle) and the original Watchmen page (from Issue 5 I think?) as well. If I find anything else interesting, I may put those up as well–the bond is five grand, and I don’t know what a good lawyer costs these days.

If you’re interested in any of this artwork, or you have any suggestions for other pages of his that I can auction, let me know in the comments.





printed-coverSo, as I said, please leave me a message in the comments or send an email to Ty’s email–I’m trying to keep the phone free as I’m waiting for Ty to have a chance to call me, and for several lawyers to get back to me.



26 responses to “URGENT: Ty needs money TODAY!!

  1. I’m looking at the date, but thinking this isn’t the kind of thing one jokes about …

  2. Some bunnies just want to watch the world burn.

  3. Bugs among them, some days…and then, only the parts where Sam or Elmer are off their meds.

  4. Paul the Curmudgeon

    And a very happy April Fool’s Day to you too, Ty!

  5. really hope this gets sorted out! It’s such a shame to “loose” these but I guess it dosn’t take away from the from the fact he drew them. Good luck!

  6. Is it a coincidence that it’s April Fools today, or is this actually a joke?

  7. Have a wonderful April Fools Day Ty.

    Hope you dont get buggered in lockup……..Seriously, the original Watchmen and Jack Kirby page will pay for the bail and lawyer, plus i cant see the Ty Templeton I’ve met on those rare occasions at Fanexpo wrestling with policemen over a back drop.

  8. I really want to help out, but I’m completely broke myself. Still, I wish you and your family the best. Hope things work out in the end.

  9. ….April fools?
    and if not, give us a call.

  10. Gorillamydreamz

    I hope we are in adjoining cells. I am doing a life sentence for copying a Rob Liefeld panel. We can scrape a comic jam!

  11. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Hey, how come MY comment is awaiting moderation? 🙂

  12. Before I can contribute from my considerable fortune (estimated to be in the billions) my attorneys insist there be a clear determination of whether this is for “bail” or “bond.” Once that’s done, the funds will be wired from a Cayman Islands account. Oh — just one more thing. They insist you provide all of your account details and transfer a small “good faith” deposit of $1,000 to us in order to facilitate things.

  13. I think the April 1st date may suggest that this story is a little suspect? Ty has got a wacky sense of humour. If I’m wrong, I apologize.

  14. I am interested in helping out! What is available?

  15. HI, Sorry for your troubles. Just curious…what would be the asking price for Batman Gotham Adventures # 1 (with Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin on the cover with the faces of the villains behind them). You can email me at
    bird_and_magic@yahoo.com with your response. Thanks.

  16. An April Fool’s gag?? If so…so not cool.

  17. I don’t know a huge amount about original art but I imagine the Watchmen and Kirby pages will get close to that amount so I’d try them first.
    Try posting something here as they may snap it up… http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=48&page=1

  18. Is this “just rewards” for dissin’ the proper “parent country to the south” for Ty on this most auspicious, and favorite, day of the year?

  19. Figures it would be an April Fools from Ty. I still have a page of his back from…oh I think it was the Dark Horse Comic’s Greatest World series…maybe.

  20. If you loan this guy money, make sure you get it back instantly!

  21. … Ty, I’m gonna help with the fund. Asoon as I’m done eating this carrot cake, I’m going to go have t-shirts made with the phrase “Free Templeton” on them. All of the rappers will be sure to want to wear them in their videos. And soon enough I’ll make sure this becomes one massive cultural event. So don’t fear Ty.. I got your back!

  22. Man, I really hope this is April fools.

  23. The only “makeup” in this story is the story. April Fool!

  24. Ty, if you want money, start a Kickstarter from your cell. It could be a true-to-life story as you journey through the penal system.

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