Grand Experiment Bun Toons! YAY!

Because mixing volatile chemicals will get you nothing but dead.

Because mixing volatile chemicals will get you nothing but dead.

I’m on the road today, in Ottawa at the lovely Ottawa Convention, meeting with the many happy fans and perhaps one or two disgruntled ones.   But if there is lead in my pencil, paper on my lap and some kind of scanner within a hundred yards of me, I shall BUN TOON, my friends.  I SHALL BUN TOON.

gaiman small

I give you people 48 hours to make this Bun Toon the most viral one I’ve ever done.   You’ve got your work cut out for you, I’ve had a couple of toons that have had over thirty thousand readers…and those ones were actually funny.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And now, the Neil Gaiman bonus moment:

bunny neilI sincerely hope I didn’t photoshop this image just to increase the chances of this whole thing being reblogged.  That would be wrong.


son toons logo

For last week’s SPECIAL Bun Toon, written and drawn by my eldest son, Kellam, click the cleverly altered logo above

For the Bun Toon Archive, which almost never mentions Neil Gaiman, click the correct logo above

For the Bun Toon Archive, which almost never mentions Neil Gaiman, click the correct logo above

19 responses to “Grand Experiment Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Travis Pelkie

    I think you have to say Neil Gaiman 3x though, like in a row, to get it to work. Not unlike Beetlejuice.

    And say it with his charming accent, of course.

  2. But, do not the chances of getting hits decrease by having mentioned the Kardashians?


    Steven Willis

  3. I think you also need to say it in front of a mirror with the lights off.

  4. How goes the social (media) experiment? Any monumental leaps in readership?

  5. And here we are 🙂
    *following a link from Neil*

  6. We need a hit counter to know how the story’s going, please!

  7. I’m one of the Zillions! ^^

  8. I’m apparently among the sheeple, well played Ty.

  9. Neil Gaiman sent me here, so.

  10. Well, Neil tweeted you, and I couldn’t possibly resist something with bunny ears. Also, watch out for the Gaiman server crash, or whatever they call it. (I can’t remember, it’s a Monday morning, you can’t expect me to be able to remember things.)

  11. Neil Gaiman sent me here from Twitter, so those numbers must be adding up pretty quickly. Wonder what AFP thinks of the bunny ears… ? And before I go, if you mention THOSE people again, I shall deny I was ever here.

  12. Oooooo! You have bingo!

  13. HAHAHAHA! I’m so darn amused. Yes, it’s working, we’re getting our zillions! (At the moment, we’re close to 10x our normal traffic for a Monday) Now, if only people look around the site, and find some of the other amusing things here, our plan for world domination is COMPLETE!

  14. Hey, no way would I have found your blog without the Neil Factor… good work.

  15. Like if you got here through Neil’s link! Eww that sounds so Youtube…

  16. Another Zillionite here. Neil sent me from Twitter, like the others. How many zillions are you up to now?

  17. Travis Pelkie

    Wait a second, I was on to something cool before the cool kids that follow Neil Gaiman?

    Finally, vindication!!!

    For what, I’m not sure, but I’m in my happy place now! YAY BUN TOONS!!!

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