Real Quick Bun Toons! YAY!

Stop reading this!  We don't have time for trivialities.

Stop reading this opening caption! We don’t have the TIME!.

It’s another one of THOSE Saturday mornings where my wife spent the night with my mother in the emergency room, my cat’s back is basically made of hamburger, my DC project is screaming at me with a major deadline, my Quantum and Woody page is due in twenty minutes, I’ve cancelled a convention appearance, and I still have yet to put out editorial notes on the latest Holmes Inc, which I should have done yesterday.

That means that I don’t have even eight seconds to do this morning’s Bun Toon.  I don’t have eight seconds to be typing this intro.

So I did the Bun Toon in SEVEN seconds.

I might have rushed the colour a bit.

goodman 4 websizeTo be fair, I plagiarized this plot from every issue of Daredevil that Stan Lee wrote.  Steal from the best, right?


Your Bonus Good Man Adventure!  The ORIGIN STORY from 2011!  And yes, I know his girlfriend has a different name, I’m not giving out No-Prizes, so I don’t care.

issue two web size colour

An epic, novel-length adventure for FREE!  Who says this isn’t the Bun Toons era of comics?  Seriously, who says that… I have to change minds.  Point them out to me, goddammit!


For last week's musical Bun Toon, click the amazingly clever pun above.

For last week’s musical Bun Toon, featuring the Bunny singing and playing piano…click the amazingly clever pun above.

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For the archives of this Shuster Award Wishing series, click here.

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3 responses to “Real Quick Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    “There was no sexual harassment involved because Rod was very attractive”. Priceless.
    I’m sorry to hear that your mother is unwell & hope she improves.

  2. Rod Smith… Really? Dang, the stories I could tell about Rod Smith. Really, Google the guy from Florida. Dang, I hate it when MY dual identities cross…


    Steven Willis

  3. Hope all the chaos will ease up soon.
    FYI, best Goodman-story yet.
    Also, it`s obvious that Good man and his first galfriend, Marie, separated. Then he found a new one.
    Oh right, you wont give me a no-prize. Well, I`ll steal one from you. Then we`re even.

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