Proud Father Bun Toons!

And for the record, my latest child runs a little more than a minute...

And for the record, my latest child runs a little more than a minute…

All children want their father to be proud of them -it’s a natural part of human development unless you have a father in show business ( and then you learn to cope with humiliation and shame the best you can).   But until you have your OWN kids, you don’t understand how important it is to have the respect of your offspring.

Last week, everything changed.

weird al bun toons websize

In my lifetime, I’ve had lunch with a Canadian Prime Minister, I’ve hugged a Beatle, I’ve shared a single with Alan Moore and I’ve been in a movie with Al Pacino.

Weird Al is the first time they’ve ever been actually impressed with me.

Ty the Guy OUT!

First Bonus Moment:

Of course, I’m going to give you this…

NOW THE BONUS BONUS:  Weird Al’s association with the world of comics didn’t start with me, though.

weird al rogerio

The cover art to this, his first album, was drawn by “Rogerio”, a regular contributor to the South American editions of Mad Magazine.

weird al mad cover

Eventually, MAD’s Tom Richmond returned the favour.


For last week's equally behind-the-scenes-of-my-glamorous-cartoonist-life Bun Toon, click here

For last week’s equally behind-the-scenes-of-my-glamorous-cartoonist-life Bun Toon, click here

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For the Bun Toons Archive, click the Weird Ty Rabbit

7 responses to “Proud Father Bun Toons!

  1. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Which Beatle did you hug? Which movie with Al Pacino? Don’t leave us hanging!
    Speaking of which, I’ve spoken with a judge who sentenced people to hang, and know a woman who saw Hitler. I took a picture of Pierre Trudeau when he was still Justice Minister; got Lillian Gish’s autograph; and Isaac Asimov, well in his cups, put his hand on my teenage shoulder and said “Be good”. Piddling stuff, I admit, though I liked Lillian.
    I still hope to speak with Shelley Fabares one day.

  2. I’m SO with you on Shelly Fabares, but my wife already knows about that. And the Asimov story is delightful. Like a direction from god for one’s life going forward. As to your questions: I hugged me a Ringo backstage at an All-Star Band tour in Toronto in the late 80s, and had scenes with Al Pacino (cut from the final release) in the movie: SEA OF LOVE. (You didn’t ask about my Prime Ministerial lunch date, but it was Joe Clark, and we didn’t get along. )

  3. What I like is that Weird Al is still a thing to today’s teenagers. I wasn’t even a teenager when I first heard of Weird Al back in the mid 80s.

  4. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Funny. I spoke with Joe Clark on the phone once for about five seconds. He went and got his wife for me, I was returning her call. Am delighted beyond measure that you share my warm regard for Shelley Fabares. I know these are strong words, but she was the one who finally displaced Audrey Hepburn as my ideal (screen) woman.

  5. Impressive… Most impressive…


    Steven Willis

  6. Oh boy, I always love it when you write the Riddler!!

    (To be honest though, I was expecting an ending, some kind of twist or moral or surprise.)

    • I was asked to write a couple of riddles for shorts then after the scripts were finished, they decided to put them together in one segment.

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