NOT Bun Toons! Boo!

bun toon under construction


Hey folks.  I have a Bun Toon underway, but I’ve just gotten through the most HELLISH period of deadlines and work, and haven’t had a day off for about two weeks….THEREFORE, I’m not drawing the Bun Toon I’ve written today.  I’m just taking the freaking day off.  I deserve it.

But you guys deserve a Bun Toon, so I’ll toil and slave away on it Sunday Morning, because that what the lord would want me to do.  (He still thinks the Sabbath is Saturday anyway…)

Ty the Guy, fading OUT…until tomorrow!

Today’s Bonus Moment of a Rabbit Under Construction comes to you from the mind of Kevin Earl Taylor.  Here’s his homepage.

rabbit construction

Hee hee.  Bunny scaffolding.

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