It’s Old Holmes Week Here at Bun Toons Central!


Cover art by David J. Cutler, coloured by the white rabbit.

Long time readers  are familiar with the school for aspiring comic creators that I started up called the “comic book bootcamp” (found on your internet dial at     see how easy that was?).   Every year, we publish an annual comic book anthology featuring new stories and art from the minds and pencils of our Bootcamp Alumni, all starring the daring, dashing and sexy great grand-children of the Master Detective himself, Sherlock Holmes.  The family business (Holmes Incorporated) has been a thriving concern in England for more than a century, but in comic form, we’re up to the FOURTH big annual, and it’s coming out TOMORROW (barring unforeseen circumstances or a Moriarty plot).

The three previous issues from yester-year are available to read online for FREE here.

But this year the goodness was too much to contain in just one single bursting-at-the-seams magazine so we split the anthology up into TWO smashingly good issues.  Come on down to the FanExpo convention and pick up your own copy of issue 4a or 4b, and meet the creators, see what all the fuss is about, and who knows…maybe next year,  you’ll be contributing to the book  yourself.  Holmes Incorporated has already launched two or three spin-off books(done by the individual creators) and is destined to turn into a publishing empire that will topple Marvel and Disney.

To get your appetite all a-whetted, today, you’re getting page one from the five blockbuster epics that appear in issue #A and tomorrow  you’ll get the five splash pages from the thrill-a-minute classics that make up issue #B (as well as that issue’s delightfully active Holmes Inc. Cover!)

Who says this isn’t the Bootcamp Age of Comics?  I want to know, so I can fight them bare-knuckled.

it aint easy green pg 1

Kathleen Gallagher and Christopher Yao team up to give us a ripping good yarn about British skullduggery and deadly vegetation in “IT AIN’T EASY BEING GREEN”.     Get the issue and claim you were following their careers before fame and fortune hits them like a Sharknado.

til death

Artist B.C. Holmes (no relation) knocks it out of the park in her first contribution to the world of Holmes Incorporated.   We suspect she was inspired by the phenomenal script by Tuhin Giri.  I promise you, this story will break your heart.

here comes the son pg 1

Another first time contributor, Matthew Tavares, turns in a moody masterpiece of comic art with “Here Comes the Son”.  The Hitchcockian script by returning champion Daniel Reynolds is a nail biter, right to the last page! Thank god I’m wearing gloves!

fearless trey pg 1

Kevin “Silk Cuts” Goropse gives us a rocket-ride sequel to the lead story in Holmes Inc. #3.  You like Monsters?  You like swordfights?  You like brilliant deductions and iambic pentameter?  (and who doesn’t?) Then this is the tale for you!  Jason Roussel joins the team this year with his first story in print!   And what a debut!

compromise complicity pg 1

The team that brought us “Til Death” switches creative hats for this tremendous tale of political intrigue and post-colonial CSI fun.    This time out, B. C. Holmes provides the thoughtful and engaging script, and Tuhin Giri tells our gripping visual story.   We don’t let ’em leave the Bootcamp until they can do it all!

TOMORROW, you’ll get ANOTHER five stories to preview, and another spiffy cover to marvel at.  And if you’re geographically lucky enough to live in the best city in the WORLD, come on down to FaneXpo and pick up your own copies!

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here’s your BONUS Holmes Incoporated Moment:

chris yao coverFor fans of Christopher Yao, he has his OWN collection of Holmes Incorporated stories.  As our star artist, it makes sense.  We’ll have copies of this issue at our booth as well, and if we don’t, we can point you to where you can find some.

See you at the show!

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