Deflating Bun Toons. Meh….

Yesterday, the spirit was willing, or the flesh was, I can't really remember...

Yesterday, the spirit was willing, or the flesh was, but not both…. I can’t really remember…

I’ve been hard at work on a Batman story, and just crippled with exhaustion and sluggish body parts from either a Con Flu Virus just grazing my system,  or a sense of crippling ennui from the whole Ben Affleck and Miley Cyrus discussions I can’t seem to avoid.  At any rate, I didn’t really get out of bed all day yesterday, so the Bun Toon is a day late.  Of course, who’s to say I’m not still getting over the following conversation that was part of my Fan Expo experience last weekend?

the ego goes kablooey websize

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Wait…I never mentioned her name, just mine.   And Alan can go to hell, he never got a single pilot on the air.

Ty the Guy OUT!

For your Bonus Moment:  Another failed Comic Book Pilot:

Oh, the lengths I go to, to get these Bonus Moments!

Oh, the lengths I go to, to get these Bonus Moments!



Click on this page to see the LONGEST BUN TOON ever! A complete SEVEN page Holmes Incorporated Story!

for the Bun Toon archive, which include many Comic Convention related stories, click the bunny above

for the Bun Toon archive, which include many Comic Convention related stories, click the bunny above


12 responses to “Deflating Bun Toons. Meh….

  1. I had to reread the comic twice just to enjoy all the background convention goers you drew.

  2. Surreal…

  3. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Wow, what a pair of ungracious clods! They need to read
    Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M. Forni. Miley Cyrus would benefit from having it read to her, too.

    • I did notice a lack of grace when the husband didn’t present me with, at least, a pen and pencil set in appreciation of my kindness to his wife. What are Miss Manner’s Rules when the romantic interludes have completely been forgotten, though…? Do I owe her a set of steak knives?

  4. When retelling that story again in the future, I would highly suggest “spicing” it up with something about she was inebriated and you had dove from a landing Air Force jet (super-hero-style) to save her from drowning. Hence your having spent the night together in the tent.

    Dang, guess that won’t work, you already posted this online… Sorry bunny!


  5. Oh, the belly laugh this elicited from me. A belly laugh of sympathy, of course.

  6. Dood…she “didn’t remember” being in that tent with you because her husband was standing next to her. Real Message: She had to deny being there because you were so awesome she has never forgotten you and her husband would be crushed because he is one of those guys who’s wife ownership goes back to before he met her and feels threatened by her past.
    …or something like that.

    • I considered that, Bob, but her expression was fairly blank. I think she forgot our special time. But not camping on a runway…you never forget that. (By the way, Bob…you worked on this particular failed pilot, and might even recall this woman….)

  7. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Re: lack of grace: His ‘I’m not a fan of yours” sounds unnecessary and cloddishly put, and she just kept making things worse by running off at the mouth. “I have no memory of dating you” sounds like a euphemistic way of saying “you’re wrong”, perhaps indeed because she didn’t want to discuss it with hubby there. Don’t know what Miss Manners would say — however I AM a late convert to the view that many (most?) ethical and interpersonal problems can be reformulated as problems of etiquette. But anyway, this couple does seem to vindicate the wisdom of the folk saying “Least said, soonest mended”. Now I just have to remember it myself….!

  8. See, I take a different viewpoint. Ego-deflating, sure, but so long as the mrs. remembers who you are, you’re good. Y’know, mother of your children, lovely lady in that drawing you posted on her birthday?

    Who cares that some lady doesn’t remember that she was with you when you pitched a tent in a poor location?

    Wait, that sounds wrong.


  9. You never know with Fan Expo.

  10. To be fair, YOU didn’t remember HER either, until she mentioned working for that producer.

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