LAST WEEK on the ‘net: August 26 – September 1 2013


Monday August 26

Studiocomix at Fan Expo 2013, the Experience! from STUDIOCOMIX

Studiocomix Fanexpo 2013 (48)

Your 2013 Joe Shuster Award Winners from Comics Reporter

Batman ’66 #2: Iniquitous Iceberg! from CRAVE ONLINE

London’s Heroes Comics named best comic store in Canada from METRO NEWS

Tuesday August 27

Batman ’66 #2 – Review from WEEKLY COMIC BOOK

Rob Salem and Ty Templeton 1 from Bleeding Cool

Today’s Comic> Batman ’66 #2 from bw media spotlight

The 2013 Joe Shuster Awards in audio from The Comics Beat

Batman ’66 #2 [Review] from COMIC REVIEWS BY WALT

Wednesday August 28

Comic Reviews 8/28/2013 from POP CULTURE MAVEN

MGK’s Brainiac Five Convention Sketchbook from MIGHTY GOD KING

Thursday August 29

FanExpo 2013: Ty Templeton’s How To Plot Any Story In Under An Hour from YouTube/TheBustedCouch

FanExpo 2013: Ty Templeton – How To Plot A Story In Under An Hour from Neverending Gaming

Friday August 30

Twelve Batman Comics I Like More Than The Killing Joke Or Any Of The Frank Miller Ones from Longbox Coffin

Saturday August 31

NEWS Round-up | Week of August 31, 2013 from THE COMIXVERSE


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