Stay Tuned for Further Announcements Bun Toons. No Yay.

bun toon under construction

The only thing stronger than the will to create is a kidney stone.

Early yesterday evening Ty told me happily that he had been going through an old sketchbook and found a Bun Toon idea that he had started to layout. He was waiting until midnight, his self-imposed start time for Bun Toons, to begin drawing it. As long as the pain from his suspected kidney stone didn’t become unbearable…

So, I got back from the ER at 4 this morning. Left Ty there, sleeping in a reclining chair in the Waiting Room, after his Demerol kicked in.  I’m waiting for him to call to lemme know whether I’m picking him up or whether he might have to be admitted for the day–they’re pretty sure he’s dealing with another kidney stone, but potentially one too big to pass (fairly ominous phrase, that!).

So… no Bun Toon today. And I’m not going to promise one for tomorrow until I find out what happens with Ty and the hospital. Until then, here’s a journey in the Wayback Machine to Kidney Bun Toons. OW OW OW!

bunny in a gown


12 responses to “Stay Tuned for Further Announcements Bun Toons. No Yay.

  1. Ah, jeeezus! Not again! Please wish Ty the best for me. He’s been a favorite of mine since the Stig’s Inferno days and Bun Toons always cracks me up. And I need him to get better so he can submit something to the Robot Monster jam book I’m putting together.

  2. Having had a kidney stone myself, I have nothing but sympathy for Ty. It’s been said before (not like that’s going to stop me), but this, too, shall pass!

  3. Hope Ty feels better soon.

  4. Get better soon Ty, you were the best teacher I ever had

  5. Hope you get well soon, Ty!

  6. I initially thought from the title this was going be a Bun Toon about the US government shutdown. Here’s hoping our illustrious illustrator is better sooner than later!

  7. Hang in there Ty. I know exactly how you feel. Been there, done that.

  8. Paul the Curmudgeon

    I didn’t know about this until a few minutes ago….I can’t do better than to echo Scott Ossington’s comment: “Get better soon Ty, you were the best teacher I ever had”.

  9. May the Lords of Lithotripsy smile upon you.

    Avoid needless urinary stents, unless you want all future Bun Toons to be tinged with horror once you see them removed.

    Take care, and get well soon.

  10. I feel sympathy for your hubby.

  11. Ouch, another kidney stone?
    Get well soon, Ty!!

  12. Get well, Ty! Only ’cause I need more Bun Toons.

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