Preposterous Over-Simplification Bun Toons! YAY!

I hope I'm not being too subtle

I hope I’m not being too subtle

MANSON VS CARDIf I hear one more person tell me that this movie “…is really good and has nothing to do with Card’s politics…” then I’m going to smile benignly and do nothing, because that’s the zen master that I am.

I’m not suggested a boycott of this Ender’s Game movie.  I’m suggesting you go out and get a copy of Manson’s solo album, because it’s really good and has nothing to do with his murder spree.

Ty the Guy OUT!

And then, there’s this:

enders game marvel comicsHow come people only protested when Card was writing Superman at DC?  It seems he’s had a lively career as a writer and source material at Marvel without anyone batting an eye…


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6 responses to “Preposterous Over-Simplification Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Wow, this post brought back high school memories! While I’m a big fan of YOUR art, Mr. Templeton, can’t say I share your love of Manson’s handicraft. I first heard one of ol’ Chuck’s records as a teen it the 80s, on a local radio station. The DJ said Manson’s 45rpm single was called “Cease to Exist” but had a typo and the record label read “Ceased to Exit” (I thought the mistake was more atsy). I believe the Beach Boys recorded it with the title “Never Learn Not to Love You.” That same show introduced me to Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. I’ll take Barrett over Manson when it comes to stark-raving-mad lyrical loons (Barrett only killed his own brain cells).

    I don’t suppose it’s that strange that Manson was an evil killer on one hand and (as you say) a gifted folk songwriter on the other. If Israeli orchestras can perform the works of Wagner and separate the music from the musician, I guess Manson can be similarly treated.

    I’m pretty sure, however, Hitler’s art probably sucked. I’ve never seen Der Fuehrer’s paintings, but I’d bet anything they were probably just cheap knockoffs of those dogs-playing-poker prints ….

  2. I think people simply *knew* more about Card’s activities by the time he was going to write Superman for DC. Also, before, he’d only written nasty things about gay people, but by the time of the Superman situation, he’d become a board member of NOM, with all the Proposition-8-related stuff that that entails.

  3. This fine morning I must say I prefer my McDonald’s coffee lukewarm…

  4. Wait. I thought everyone was mad at Orson Scott Card because of Ultimate Iron Man?

  5. William Shakespeare was a virulent anti-semite. But I can’t bring myself to give up enjoying his plays.

  6. Oliver Townshend

    I’d complain about Ultimate Iron Man, except that it proves even great writers have bad days. bad bad days. weeks even. possilby months.

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