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Marking the sad passing of America’s fictional dog…


Family Guy is not my favourite TV show, but I am a fan – and last week’s story was so bizarrely wrong-headed that I’m starting to think it was just a stunt, and they’ll be returning to your regularly scheduled nonsense by the end of the season.  Continuing the show without Brian would be like continuing Happy Days without Richie Cunningham, or Cheers without Shelly Long, or FRIENDS without the entire cast except Joey Tribiani.

Years ago, when Family Guy was in hiatus between cancellation and the discovery that the DVD collections were selling well enough to bring the show back, I very briefly had the licence to produce a Family Guy comic book, granted to us at Mr. Comics by the fine folks at 20th Century Fox.   For long complicated reasons, too long and complicated to go into here,  the project fell apart, and our licence fee got transferred to PLANET OF THE APES and the rest is obscure history.

Published here, for the first time anywhere, is the two page FAMILY GUY sample I produced to win us the licence from FOX in the first place.    If it’s too small to read, click on it and the image gets bigger.

family guy strip websize

It would have been fun to work on the character…I guess that will never happen now.

Rest in Peace Brian, until such time as the producers realize what a strangely bad decision this is, and fix it.  Broken time machine…?  Yeah right.

Ty the Guy OUT!

About a year later, FOX finally did give the FAMILY GUY licence to DDP comics.  They produced four issues in total before it was cancelled due to terrible sales.

Fig. 1:  You don't remember that this was ever published.

Fig. 1: You don’t remember that this was ever published.

Another great decision.


For last week's bullets-flyin' Western Bun Toon, click the  owlhoot of a title above,  ya jaspers!

For last week’s bullets-flyin’ Western Bun Toon, click the owlhoot of a title above, ya jaspers!

The legendary Bun Toon Archive is found here

The legendary Bun Toon Archive is found here


14 responses to “WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! Bun Toons. YAY!

  1. I have to admit…. When I first read it, I didn’t see, “Metallic Rose has assembles a CRACK freelance team…. yadda yadda…”

    I saw, “Metallic Rose has assembles a CRACK FREE…. yadda yadda…”


    • Follow through on the thought…it would have been a crack-free LANCE team. Think about how dangerous the lancers would be WITH crack, and you’ll realize the disadvantage those guys would have.

  2. Hello young man… May I post a lnk on my Timeline to the LARGE version of your FABULOUS Brian/Stewie pitch? Please? I, too, am miffed at McFartland and Co. for running over my favourite Cartoon Doggie. I will not be watching until the Brian returns. It better be a full hour Stewie/Brian Road Episode called: The Return of Brian – Fixing the Dumbest Mistake We Have Ever Made. bob https://bobsegarini.wordpress.com/

  3. Great decisions always come in threes, or maybe that should be in triplicate.


    Steven Willis

  4. Not for anything… but Happy Days DID go on without Richie, Cheers kept the taps open long after Shelly Long left, and the show “Joey” was just bad from the get go. But two of those examples did happen… so I’d have to challenge the opening lines of this piece.

    Or that could have been pure “jump the shark” sarcasm. I can’t tell.

  5. Shiiiit…This is what you get for not getting to watch episodes of my faf tv-series immediately after they`re broadcasted. Spoilers…

    • Sorry, this has been ALL over the internet and CNN and stuff, and I’ve scrupulously avoided any details beyond the character leaving the show (with the caveat that it’s easy to bring him back). I’m sorry of that was a spoiler, but I honestly don’t believe they’re writing him out of the series permanently, it doesn’t make sense. It’s a publicity stunt like the “death” of Superman, or the mind-switch with Peter Parker.

  6. Jim. Yes, there are post-Richie Happy Days episodes and Post-Shelly Long episodes of Cheers. But is the world a better place because of them? Did they ever hold a child’s hand and stop their heart from weeping? Did they bring us the joy of a sunset? Or did they continue to employ a production crew in a soulless, myopic dystopia of broken promises and grand tragic destruction?


  7. Oh no, Ty Templeton…. tu quoque? 😛

    I’ve always hated “Family Guy”. It’s mindless, it’s vulgar, it’s stupid, it’s uneducative, and it’s really badly drawn. Is this the standard for animation nowadays? Badly drawn homicidal infants, fat guys puking, talking dogs dying gruesomely because there were no better ideas? Where is the moral in this? That modern culture sucks and we should celebrate it?

    There’s a difference between being edgy to be provoking, and being crass. It’s the difference between shock-value satire and a kid who throws poops at the school wall and thinks that’s smart.
    “Family Guy” is the kid throwing poop at the school wall, and people who enjoy that show are his friends who cheer him on.

    “Family Guy” almost makes me think that “South Park” isn’t the worst, and that’s saying something.

  8. Hey, I do have that issue. From the quarter bin. Six bucks my hind end…

  9. All of which begs the question: what IS your favourite TV show, Ty? Unless you prefer not to play favourites…

    Also: Hey look – it’s Segarini! How’s the Iceman…?

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