Bun Toon #3 for 2013! YAY!

top five 2013 logo 3



We’re into the medal rounds now, former babies!  Bronze for EVERYONE!

Towards the middle of the summer, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about whether or not DC Comics wanted to let Batwoman get married.  The writers wanted her to, the editors didn’t…and when you add to the mix that Batmwoman was all lady-gay, and planning to marry a lady-gay Gotham City Cop, the story got all controversial-like.

Since DC Comics didn’t plan to publish the wedding issue… I had to step in.


Apparently, there was some kerfuffle about Ben Affleck as well.  Who can keep track of the internet’s Bat-Kerfuffles?  At least I’m here to solve everyone’s problems, and that’s what magical bunnies are for.


Our third LEAST popular Bun Toon was one I ran just a couple of weeks ago.  Ignore it again, I dare you!

north pole babylon websize


If you’re keeping score, that’s the SECOND time a holiday themed Bun Toon has spiked the big enchilada in the last twelve months. (Easter didn’t work either.)  Failure used to be restricted to the continuing story of The Contessa Von Shoenfeld, or True Dentistry Stories, but this year, I couldn’t scare up an audience on the vacation days.    Perhaps family truly IS more important than snarky interenet rabbits.


Since this finishing-nearly-last X-Mas Bun Toon was a re-run from JUST last week for Buddha’s sake, I’m re-running my personal favorite BUN TOON from the Summer, simply because it’s my fave, and it  didn’t make the top five (just barely).  So I get to do it again in this year end retrospective because…well.



Mike emailed me a couple of days after this ran to thank me for “saving his life”, even if it ruined his big finish.

See you tomorrow for the ALMOST most popular Bun Toon and the REALLY NOT VERY popular Bun Toons at….NUMBER TWO!!

Ty the Guy OUT! 


8 responses to “Bun Toon #3 for 2013! YAY!

  1. For the record, I thought North Pole Babylon was grand. Something must’ve been wrong with its link-bait.

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  4. Ty, I just wanted to let you know that I read Bun Toons each week. (Your RSS feed is at the top of my My Yahoo page, next to Mark Evanier.) I always enjoy it, even though it makes me envy your talent. Best wishes to you and yours in the coming year, and please continue working on Batman ’66 – it’s a little slice of awesomeness when I see your name on one of my fave comics.

  5. The latest exiting issue of Batman 66 is on my drawing board right now. I can’t wait to tell you guys the guest villain (and guest star!)…but my editor would burn my fingers off if I did.

  6. Oh yes, I recall reading these comic strips of yours about Man Of Steel before watching the movie, and getting my hype up for a movie where Superman is an actual alien and also loses his mind and everyone realizes how terrible it actually is for a human-like, non-divine creature to have godly powers.

    ….Then I saw the movie and it was a let down. I was imagining Superman attacking the city, Lois Lane dying beheaded!! Nothing like that happened. Just plain old Superman, except he’s a bit more emo. Way to destroy my hopes, Ty! 😉

    On an unrelated note, however….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Superman DOES attack the city (most of the destruction is HIS fault, not Zod’s) and though Lois never gets beheaded, I wasn’t attached enough to Lois in this movie to have been affected by her beheading. Kal certainly beheads a lot of citizens in the story, practically ONLY Lois and Perry escape the death of the city.

  7. I choked on my tea reading Frothy’s “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Ty. Think of the safety of others, please. Comedy has consequences.

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