LAST WEEK on the ‘net: January 20 – 26 2014

Monday January 20

Comics A.M. | Author’s crusade to get Bill Finger credit from COMIC BOOK RESOURCES:  ROBOT 6

Ty Templeton Shows Us Bob Kane’s Batman… But What About Frank D. Fosters? from Bleeding Cool

“What If Bob Kane Had Created The Bat-Man Without Bill Finger” from BATMAN ON FILM

Updated: Author Marc Tyler Nobleman Campaigning to Get Bill Finger Recognized as Co-Creator of Batman from COOL NEWS REVIEW

Tuesday January 21

A Batman Without Bill Finger from COMICS – X- AMINER

Ghosts:  Martian Manhunter Annual #1 from Random Happenstance

Help Batman co-creator Bill FInger get his own Google Doodle from The Beat

Non-2000AD : Giving Comics The Finger from ECBT 2000AD

Artist shows what Batman would be like if Bob Kane were REALLY his only creator from blastr

How Would Batman Look if Bob Kane TRULY Was His Only Creator? from

Wednesday January 22

Review: Spider-Man/Human Torch hardcover (Marvel Comics) from Collected Editions

The adventures of Sportsmaster from Arousing Grammar

Wie würde Batman aussehen, wenn Bob Kane wirklich der einzige Entwickler gewesen wäre? from Mind’s Delight

Will Google Celebrate the Birth of Man who Created Batman’s Gotham? from The Hollywood Reporter

What ‘Batman’ might’ve looked like without Bill Finger from COMIC BOOK RESOURCES:  Robot 6


Will Google Celebrate the Birth of Man Who Created Batman’s Gotham? from MEDIA Connection

This morning I listened to the episode #53 of Fatman on Batman.  from new earth 2

Thursday January 23

Credit where credit is due : Bill Finger from The Ephemerist

The Rundown: Gal Gadot Signed For Three Films as Wonder Woman, Will There Be a Bill Finger Google Doodle?, and more from MULTIVERSITY COMICS

Ty Templeton Draws Batman As Created By Bob Kane And Nobody Else from COMICS ALLIANCE

Batman (minus Batman) from scans_daily

Here’s how awful Batman would be without the existence of Bill Finger from

 Strange Tales II #3 by Harvey Pekar and Ty Templeton from Uncanny Panels

Friday January 24

Batman: How would The Bat-Man be without Bill Finger? from POP CULTURE CRUSADER

Como seria o Batman sem a colaboração de Bill Finger? from UNIVERSO HQ

Bill Finger, Batman’s unsung co-creator from GMA NEWS ONLINE

Batman, Bieber, And The Power Of Personal Narratives from Valerie D’Orazio

Vignette di San Valentino divertenti from COMICSBLOG:  Il magazine fumettaro di BLOGO

I caught a crook . . . from MetaFilter

Here’s What Batman Would Have Looked Like Without His Real Creator from UPROXX

I just noticed that Bob Kane’s Bat-Man is very similar to Marvel’s Golden Age character, Red Raven created by Joe Simon and Louis Cazeneuve. from new earth 2


What would Batman be like without Bill Finger? from NERD REACTOR

Help Bully Google Into Giving Bill Finger the Doodle He Deserves from THE MODERN MAGE

This is what Batman looks like without Bill Finger from Pinoy Blogazine

Finger Fu from AVSL

Saturday January 25

Artist Ty Templeton Gives Us A Look At Batman Without Bill Finger from COMIC BASTARDS

NEWS Round-up | Week of Jan. 25, 2014 from THE COMIXVERSE

Como o ‘Batman’ poderia parecer sem Bill Finger from CRISE NAS INFINITAS COMICS

Como seria o Batman sem a colaboração de Bill Finger? from República dos Quadrinhos

Batman Sem Bob Kane from COISAS GEEK

 Sunday January 26

Alan Moore Interview from CROOKED TIMBER

What if… from MendelPalace


Na na na na na na na na… PODWITS! from THE PODWITS


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