Sex and Fanboys Bun Toons! Woah!

What's the difference between being sexy and sexist?

What’s the difference between being sexy and sexist?

There’s a T-Shirt design that’s been going around the ‘net (and a convention or two) for a while… one that seems intent on offending women fans at conventions.

I’m all about the rebuttal…Click on any of these images and they will take you to a full sized image, large enough to print out and turn into a T-Shirt transfer.  Free to all…

upset by a woman once

bitter misogynist

Clearly Not Filling the Cup

Of course, retaliation just makes everyone ramp up the rhetoric and all of a sudden we have a war on our hands.  So don’t wear these in public after all…

I’ve just never understood the Boys-Only club mentality of fandom.  Why on EARTH wouldn’t anyone want more fans for their favorite thing?  It means sequels get made to stuff fans like if there’s more fans.  And could someone remind me why meeting a woman who shares your interests is instantly threatening to some men?

I’ve heard it said that men are afraid of women because women might laugh at them and women are afraid of men because men might assault them physically and kill them.    So the distrust is a level playing field…

Ty the PERSON, Out!

Just in case you think this comic book misogyny is something remotely new…

The 40s...

The 40s…

The 50s...

The 50s…

The 60s...

The 60s…

Do I have to go on…?


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5 responses to “Sex and Fanboys Bun Toons! Woah!

  1. “And could someone remind me why meeting a woman who shares your interests is instantly threatening to some men?”

    Some men are fucking idiots?

  2. An interesting anedocte: as a little kid, I often pretended I was a male character when playing with my friends, because all the cool characters that did brave stuff and that I liked were males.
    Growing up I realized how wrong it is that as a child the media taught me to take it as a normal thing that cool character = only male.

    It’s not that little girls don’t really want to be pretty princess that are rescued by a handsome hero sometimes. The pretty princess cliché in itself isn’t bad at all: but being presented only that role, and never an active heroic role, is really bad.

    And speaking specifically of superhero comics: there’s a lot of female characters who are just “X superhero that already exists and is well-established, but this time with boobs and sexyness!”. I hate that so much. I want female characters with their own story and superpowers, not female variations of existing heroes because apparently female leads aren’t interesting enough to have their own story.
    I could also complain that to make things worse superheroines are too sexualized: again, sexualized heroines are good…. but ONLY sexualixed heroines, and never other types, are very bad Especially when male characters are allowed that variety.

  3. It stuns me that so many male fans would have a negative reaction to having female fans share their interests. When I was younger, I would have loved to have more female fans to share the hobby with. Hell, I married one. 🙂 As LunSei says, it’s not the presence of those types of characters, it’s the exclusion of any other type.

    I don’t think it’s an accident that many of the most recent Disney and PIxar successes, for example, have all subverted the princess genre or changed it (Tangled: mutual rescues, Frozen: sister save themselves, Brave: no romantic interests, daughter saves mother, The Incredibles, mom comes to dad’s rescue), giving us strong female characters outside of that genre. It’s not a surprise to me that my daughter loves the Teen Titans Go version of the Teen Titans, but has zero interest in the comic versions. Do the math.

  4. Reblogged this on My Little Underground and commented:
    I discussed this in a blog a week or two back, but this is funnier and more to the point!

  5. I don’t see any great mystery about why so many male fans fear the coming of the female geek, because it means change. How many prominent women in fandom have a hissyfit about big breasts and sexy costumes in comics? How many go off on rampages about the armor bikinis?
    They want to take away the fantasie. The Catwoman or Wonder Woman they want to beat off to is no longer okay, the girls want the Catwoman THEY want to be, and she’s not Frank Miller’s streetwalker.

    Yes, lots of them hate Frank Miller, that introduces the prospect that Fanboy reciting his learned catechism of what is the greatest comic ever will be met with REJECTION.

    Sure, you guys don’t see the problem with any of this. You’re normal, you have lives beyond those comics, thoughts beyond those comics, you have the social skills to interact with your fellow humans outside the bubbles of nerdom. This is their safe place they retreated into when they fled from early rejection. Their safe haven is threatened and they become aggressive.

    Don’t lie to them and tell them nothing is going to change when the women get in. It will. The fandoms will be better for it, but it IS going to change.

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