Icky Personal Bun Toons! YAY!

Mark this under the category: Things you can't un-know about someone.

It’s only fun until someone loses an eye or something.



…aaand that’s why we can’t have good DC Comics film franchises.

If you’re not familiar with David S. Goyer, or his delightful take on comic fandom, DC characters or She-Hulk in specific, you can go here and breathe it all in like a fine bouquet.   Just remember while you’re reading it, that Mr. Goyer is in charge of the DC movie universe.

I hear the new X-Men picture is pretty good.

Ty the Guy OUT!


This is one of a handful of issues of She-Hulk I co-wrote with Dan Slott.  If we would have known what Mr. Goyer was doing with the issues after we worked on ’em, we would have sat in Purell while plotting…




Why was I dressed like a Spider-Bunny last week?  There’s only one way to find out, true believers.

A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention David Goyer or masturbation

A link to the Bun Toon library of hundreds of other stories, most of which will not mention David Goyer or masturbation



11 responses to “Icky Personal Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Nicely said Ty.
    : )

  2. ….But…. but…. She-Hulk IS a cheap fanservicey character aimed at 13 years old….

    Does the truth hurt? :/

    Allow me to say, I could take She-Hulk seriously only if she looked like THIS:

  3. The way She-Hulk is drawn and what she wears is down to men for they draw her the most so your caveat for taking her seriously is rather weak and laced with bit of smug, it is like you are blaming the character for how she is drawn. You think she should be drawn differently write to Marvel and say so.
    Your idea of truth does not hurt but it does stink of sexism. What Goyer said was crass and ignorant. What a woman wears and how she looks should not be the decider if she gets respect or not. There is room for attractive characters but they should not be drawn overtly sexualized for the male gaze, in a comic book that is supposed to aimed at all age groups, In light of the misogyny that is rampant and the disgusting, pathetic killing of women by that guy who could not get a date and was going to punish women for ignoring him and some men that he hated because they did date, I find your comment weak LunSei because the way that She-Hulk looks does not mean that she is there to for 13 year old boys or men with a 13 year old boy sexual mentality.

    • I haven’t quite understood wether you agree or not that She-Hulk’s design is poor, Hepburn3.
      You say that since it’s men who draw She-Hulk, there’s no helping making her look sexualized at all times….? Because men are supposedly unable to draw a girl who isn’t hot? Any accomplished artist can draw ugly, plain, fat, skinny, old, or muscular ladies.

      Now when it comes to the specific case of superheroes, it turns out that if women don’t have much body variety… the same thing applies for males too, as most of male superheroes are goodlooking and perfect just the same way the superheroines are. So in the case of comic books, arguing about a wider variety of body types is kinda pointless.

      But, there’s an underlying sexism in the way the superheroines are drawn that is nowhere so present in the case of superheroes, even if both genders are shown as idealized. This is evident in cases like the above mentioned She-Hulk: I’ll never get tired of saying that I hate the very notion of superheroines being no more but a lesser copy of an already existing superhero…. but She-Hulk adds insult to injury by having less muscles than any average male superhero, despite her whole shtick being that she’s supposed to be a big musclebound green creature.

  4. I never said that the way She-Hulk and for that matter most female supers are drawn is not overtly sexulized and it is problematic. And yes it is true that mostly men draw these supers male and female, but the males drawn are a male power fantasy and the females drawn are a male sexual fantasy, they are in charge of the way they are presented and it is a double standard of sorts and it is not an equal argument. But attributing idea of respect to the way a woman should look is problematic and is sexist. Goyer offered no respect and totally disdained the idea of She-hulk as a sex toy for the Hulk, which was creepy and add the fact that she is his cousin to the mix that just ices the creepy cake. You said you could not respect the character either due to the way she looks, so in a way it is okay for her to be “wank” foder… It isn’t. Now I would accept your idea a tad if you held the same standard of respect to the male supers, but you did not. It is the same idea of judging a female character by the way she looks, but not the male. There are other comic books and artists out there who do draw diverse characters and body types, the book The Lumberjanes comes to mind, but blaming and in a sense shaming a character and just saying yes she is just “wank” foder is not helping change. Now in closing I am not a fan with how some artists overtly sexualize female supers, but I do look at how they are written, and it is always golden when you have an artist who can draw women making them strong, and yes because it is a comic book, attractive have agency but is not a sex toy. The ones who do not do this I avoid and I say something to the editors.

  5. Here’s the thing: people ARE judged by the way they look. As it should be, because we’re still animals and another person’s appearance is the very first way we can gather informations about them. If you’re alone in a dark street by night and see an elegant person with a suitcase, you won’t have the same reaction as if you saw a guy with chains and piercings and tattoos. And this even if the elegant dude with the suitcase was the real criminal, and the punk tattooed guy was the nicest person in the world.

    And ficitonal characters are judged EVEN MORE by their appearance, because a fictional character can’t ever be as multidimensional as a real person, so we need to pay attention about how they look even more.

    Now, a character like, say, Emma Frost can and should look attractive and provocative.
    But applying pretty much the same exact style to a character who is supposedly all about huge physical strength, completely ruins it for me. I repeat: her whole shtick is the muscles, yet she has far less muscles than your average male hero who is not at all about body strength.
    And this because, as a superheroine, she needs to be sexy at all times. Even if she was smoking hot as a normal lawyer, we can’t have her turn into a mass of crushing muscles when she goes Hulk. Nor can we have her become dumb and savage.

    If you’re gonna make a copycat of a male character, at least don’t remove exactly the things that define such male character.

    • Yes we all judge. But the thing is to not pass sentence She is just wank fodder because she is very attractive and therefore deserves no respect and what Goyer said has merit No.
      There are times when we have to use good judgement to protect one’s self, and that is all well in good but it is when we use these judgements to say someone is worthy of respect or not, well then that is not all well and good.
      She-Hulk maybe an off shoot of her cousin Bruce but she is NOT him and does not have to mirror him physically. By your metric Supergirl should mirror her cousin physically, Batgirl and Batwoman should mirror Batman physically, thankfully they do not. She-Hulk may have been initially derivative of the Hulk but she is not by any means meant to be him in purple culottes. She is different and I am glad that she is, for both characters have worth.

  6. I’m sorry, but the only real difference I see between Hulk and She-Hulk is that, in the latter’s case, they’ve removed anything that may make the character unsexy (the caveman stupidity and the exaggerate muscles). And that’s it.
    Which pretty much, by definition, makes She-Hulk into nothing else but “Hulk, as a sexy chick”. You know, just like all those Halloween costumes that add sexy-something to a traditional costume: sexy Frankenstein, sexy Werewolf, sexy Zombie, etc.

    I might ask you what do you think makes She-Hulk into a compelling character, but this is no forum so I suppose we’d better just agree to disagree and end it here.

    • I’m not sure if this is too old a question to answer, but since I did, in fact, write the character for a while, I can certainly answer the question. She’s compelling because: She is one of the few characters in the super-hero world who is self aware of the innate illogical silliness of their universe, and often comments on it. (For years, she was able to perceive the readers and talk to them directly, and speak about the other character’s fictional realities). She’s got a nice sense of humour about her condition, the correct mixture of cocky and self-doubting, and where Hulk’s identity is scientist/Monster, Shulkie’s identity is lawyer/super-hero, and as her series became about practising law in a super-hero world…(kind of like Boston Legal in the Marvel Universe) it got a lot better. And her many years as the reserve member of the Fantastic Four are delightful. She spent as much time in a courtroom or in outer space as she did punching monsters and getting her outfit ripped…it’s only some writers that have focused on her sexuality and muscles to the exclusion of all else, but certainly the better ones didn’t. And there were a few better writers on her series over the years.

      That’s what makes her a compelling character. When done correctly, she’s a terrific read.

  7. huzzah.

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