Bun Toons Go Snkt! YAY!

Not rain, nor sleet, nor dead of night can keep this cartoonist from his appointed webcomic...but a computer glitch sure can.

Not rain, nor sleet, nor dead of night can keep this cartoonist from his appointed webcomic…but a computer glitch sure can.

Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday, but OY, the TSURIS I was having with my computer.  Don’t get me started about my car.

Anyway…with the arrival of the new X-Men flick, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, in the theaters (to good reviews and boffo box office mojo), and with the countdown to the death of James “Logan” Howlett just months away, I felt it was time to finally explain to the uninitiated…

wolverine in four panelsAh…I never understood Freud anyway.

Ty the Guy OUT!

Here’s the first time I was ever paid to draw Wolverine….more than twenty years ago!

xmen-painted-coverIt was a poster to advertise the line of X-MEN VHS tapes that were for sale in the early 90s.  I didn’t do the layout for the artwork, I was asked to rework this image (drawn by someone at Neal Adams’ Continuity Associates (I think)…

x-men-night-sentinels-vhs-cover-art….but for some reason, the special projects editor didn’t like the colour or the linework on the Neal version (or the pink glow around Gambit’s card) and had me redraw it in acrylic paint.

But then…

animatedlightleI’ve just recently heard from Steve Lightle that THIS was the original version of the drawing….below for the cover of X-Men Adventures #1, and above for a promotional image that I’m not sure what’s happening with the colours…

3417250-01Which then got RE-COLOURED for the cover to X-Men Adventures #1.

Anyway…I’ve seen this attributed to me as the pencil artist with Steve inking….which so clearly isn’t true.  I may have been the LAST person to get his hands on that image…

Here’s the first Wolverine I ever got paid to draw that I actually drew…

xmen-angel-video-box1To this day, I wish they hadn’t covered up his other hand…it had better symmetry before the logo went on…


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10 responses to “Bun Toons Go Snkt! YAY!

  1. Steve Lightle

    I think that we need to fact check this. The original was done for X-Men Adventures. I’ve seen it copied many times. Once it was traced for a Ballantine (?) children’s book and attributed to another artist entirely. Everything else aside, the pose of the Gambit figure makes it clear that they were all linked. It’s just too much of a coincidence. No hard feelings, mind you. I’m sure that you aren’t intentionally misrepresenting the facts. Still, when I was approached to design the cover to X-Men Adventures I turned in an original design. It certainly don’t remember it being based on any other piece of art. Personally, I’m confused by the whole thing. – Steve L.

  2. All I know is that I clearly didn’t draw the original, as the one I was shown was the colour one from the video box. I’ve gone back and edited the information, as I didn’t know your cover was before the one I was shown. My mistake, please forgive me.

    T the G

  3. Nothing to forgive, Ty. You were just telling the version that you believed to be true. Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your art and observations.

  4. Hello, Ty. For nearly 20 years I’ve wondered who drew the VHS covers for “Slave Island,” “The Unstoppable Juggernaut” and “The Final Decision.” Was it you or someone else? I always thought it must be either you or Mike Parobeck, but I never could find out.

  5. And here is your reply: Slave Island and Unstoppable Juggernaut are both by Mike Parobeck, and FINAL DECISION was mine. I started doing the covers with “Come the Apocalypse” and did the next ten or fifteen covers until the series of VHS releases ran out. They used some of the covers both Mike and I did for the DVD versions of the seasons, until the third or fourth re-issue when new art was added. There’s 22 episodes in the VHS series, and I think I did the last 12 or 13 of ’em.

  6. Hockey Samurai Wolverine may just be The Best Thing.

  7. The story of those art changes reads like they were just messing with you. 🙂

  8. And let’s not forget when Wolverine was an actual, mutated wolverine. That was pretty rich.

    Anyway I do like the character, but there is one thing that bothers me: how those shiny, quality kitchen knifes enter his arms everytime after he cut people with them, and somehow he doesn’t get all kind of bacteria.

    • Since you asked….the bacteria, like everything else that attacks Wolverine, is easily defeated by his “healing factor”. Poor Logan can’t even get drunk because of that healing factor. Nothing short of an atomic explosion which MIGHT vaporize his bones, could actually harm him full time…that is…until he “dies” in a couple of months. He’s “killable” nowadays, but that’s because of a specific storyline in which he lost his healing factor.

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