Like a Zombie Jesus on All Saint's Day, I return from the dead.

Like a Zombie Jesus on All Saint’s Day, I return from the dead.

Sorry to be away from the Bun Tooning these last few weeks.  Killer deadlines for Batman vs. Green Hornet pierced my cartooning heart and laid me to rest, and then, JUST as I was getting some time off, I was re-attacked by Steve Gerber’s KIDNEY LADY and cursed with excruciating stones.

But I am back, gentle Bunny people.  Today, as we all recover from last night’s dark reverie, I share a story of the parts of Halloween that we carry with us long after the holiday has past…


halloween leftovers small



The ears never fully grew back, by the way.  My cartoon bunny is a lie.


Ty the Guy OUT!

Just in case you need to see it…

my satan head

The only photo of me from that day.  We settled on lipstick instead of wax for the numbers.  The paint is starting to come off from around my nose because it’s later in the evening, and I assume it was something to do with cocaine or the sniffles.

This is what I had looked like the day before…

long hair ty

So it was a bit of a transformation.


For those of you in the Toronto area, come on down to the COMICS LOUNGE at College and Clinton.  I’ll be there all day Saturday raising money for DRAWING FOR DEB.  Deb was a friend of ours who passed away this year from complications of epilepsy and myself and Fantastic Four superstar Leonard Kirk will be there.   Click on the link to see what the fuss is about.

debra jane shelly

And my wife (the room mate of the actress) is hosting a 12 hour COMIC BOOK MARATHON at the same location, in the BACK SPACE!  Come on down, and help raise money for epilepsy research, pass out drawing comics for twelve hours in a row, or recover from your sugar high amongst cartoonists!  Either way, it’s something to do that’s not in your house.

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  1. Oddly enough, the Satan picture looks LESS like the picture that would be shown for an article entitled “bodies found in local man’s basement” than the before pic. (I kid, I kid!)

    So the Mrs. is a baldy chaser, huh? Good thing that worked out for ya!

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