May the Rabbit Be With You Bun Toons! YAY!

These ARE the toons you're looking for.

These ARE the toons you’re looking for.

websize force awakens

Maybe it’s because the world kinda sucks right now, Ghomeshi, Cosby, Ferguson…maybe I just want a silly little space opera to be an empty confection.  That would be lovely.

Ty the Guy OUT!


A couple of months back, Marvel announced it was publishing the Star Wars comics, moving forward, now that the synergy of Marvel/Disney/Star Wars is all the same mega-corporation…

marvel star wars colour websize



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For the Bun Toons archive, click here.

7 responses to “May the Rabbit Be With You Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. I accept and enjoy ALL of the Star Wars films.
    Fanboys and fangirls though I do not accept and enjoy for they have an insidious way of sucking the fun and joy out of everything with their whinging and the I could do it better boasts, they ruin everything.
    I am stoked for this new film. 🙂

  2. You haven’t weighed in on the other big Star Wars story: the Holiday Special.

  3. I agree the first Star Wars is the best. I’m inclined to believe a Hollywood rumor that Alan Ladd Jr. pushed Lucas in the right direction, and so did Lucas’s wife.

  4. You’re such an optimist -. the trailer does nothing at all for me. Mind you, I enjoyed Empire a lot more than you did. And Return works until the half way mark when it should have just ended, somehow, and we could have just complained it was too short. Haven’t seen the last 3 (or first 3 or whatever you want to call them).

  5. Wow, Ty, no love for Empire at all? I can understand Jedi and the prequels, sure. I just think the Empire is widely regarded as the best movie of the series for good reason. It’s less an homage to the serials and mroe of a straight-up adventure.

    • I can’t speak for Ty, but my main problem with Empire is it’s only half of a movie. It’s got great bits, but they don’t build to something greater, while the structure of the original Star Wars movie is almost perfect.

  6. If you’ll note, I said I’ve seen Empire five times. That’s a number of times to watch a movie (there’s probably only a dozen films in my pantheon that I’ve seen five times or more, and Kurbrick, Spielberg, Hitchcock and Star Trek feature heavily in the remaining number) so it’s not that I don’t give Empire some love. It’s simply that it’s a flawed movie unlike the essentially perfect STAR WARS. Empire has the wrong ending, a less balls-to-the-wall-let’s-have-fun tone (which is to different tastes, obviously) and too much focus on the characters, rather than what the characters are doing. It begins the navel gazing. It’s also the sequel to one of half dozen perfect films ever made, and simply doesn’t live up to the spectacular correctness of the first one. It’s why there’s no sequel to Touch of Evil….or Casablanca, Wrath of Khan, Planet of the Apes, 2001, oh, wait…there ARE sequels to that last batch and they all disappointed me. Not because the sequels were awful movies, but because they were following transcendent films.
    You got Godfather II, Aliens, From Russia with Love, Wrath of Khan and Toy Story 2 (and 3) as perhaps the only sequels ever to improve on their really really good predecessors. Of course, your mileage may vary, and I’m sure I’m missing one or two in there (arguably, Porky’s 2 might be better than Porky’s 1, but who could truly say?)

    Ty the G

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