Again with the Speeches Bun Toons?!?

Last one, I promise

Is that a rainbow?

It’s been quite an active couple of weeks for our judicial neighbours to the south.

websize divide and distract

Don’t worry.  Something will come along and beat the cynical back into me…but for now, I’m grinning and layin’ back and enjoying the day.

All during Pride Week in Toronto.

Ty the Guy OUT!


Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of THESE kinds of comics…

00 super fascist

fascist superman 2

Sure, he made the super-trains run on time…but at what super-cost?


For last week's equally cloying left week lecture, click here.

For last week’s equally cloying left week lecture, click here.

For the Bun Toon archive, featuring many that are intentionally amusing, click here.

For the Bun Toon archive, featuring many that are intentionally amusing, click here.

7 responses to “Again with the Speeches Bun Toons?!?

  1. Hmm. I was hoping you’d do a Bun Toon about the 3 simultaneous terrorist attacks yesterday; not beat a dead horse by hopping on the pro-gay bandwagon. ISIS is a very real and serious threat to people’s lives; your imaginary concept of “Hetero-supremacy” is not.

    • I certainly don’t believe in the concept of “hetero-supremacy”. It’s deluded “hetero-supremacists” that I was discussing…and the concept is hardly one I imagined; people with that philosophy exist in droves. As to ISIS being a real and serious threat to people’s lives, you are absolutely correct. So is cancer, so is drunk driving, so is poor water sanitation. There is always a subject to change to when someone discusses something that makes you personally uncomfortable. I’m curious why a pro-gay “bandwagon” makes you uncomfortable?

      • I never said it makes me uncomfortable, I simply think it’s less relevant than a carefully-orchestrated terrorist attack that claimed more than 60 innocent lives on 3 different continents. This is the sort of thing people should be worried about, but instead, the media is giving full coverage to yesterday’s ruling. Nobody wants to talk about ISIS, because that takes actual strength.

        • You’ll notice that I did, in fact, throw a dig at “religious supremacists” in my cartoon, quite specifically because of the events in Tunisia and France. My cartoon wasn’t about terrorist attacks in Europe though, because the SCOTUS ruling seemed immediately relevant to the circle of people I know and interact with, including a goodly number of LGBT friends, co-workers and blood relatives, to whom this event was very relevant, indeed. Your world may differ, but that’s the fellow travellers I travel with.

          I do not disagree with you that religious extremists and supremacists are a cancerous scourge on our society, Isis, and their ilk especially…and I’ve Bun Tooned about those fecal monsters in the past (even drew me a Mohammed in a previous cartoon, just to jack my bunny balls onto the table in the great free speech debate), but I don’t relentlessly focus on gun violence, or religious violence, or war, because that’s not my muse du jour this week.

          I hope you’ll allow me the idea that “It’s my bunny, and he hops where I want him to.”

          Stick around, you’ll discover I can get angry at a lot of injustices.
          Mostly one at a time.

  2. Well, Get real, why don’t YOU do a cartoon about the terrorist attacks?

  3. Hmmm. Wondering why Superman’s choice of dictator-wear is more Idi Amin than Napoleon, Hitler, or Mao in Action No. 311. Did he borrow that cape from Cruella DeVille? That crown is worthy of an old woman at Sunday church. Move over RuPaul, this is Superman’s drag race!

  4. Hello, Get Real. A few thoughts…

    A) This is Ty’s blog, so he’s really free to discuss anything he pleases.

    B) The Supreme Court decision was a huge event, impacting people around the world and in our immediate vicinities. If you follow Ty’s blog, you know he cares about people’s rights…so this couldn’t really catch you off-guard.

    C) The point here is that the “Us versus Them” concept is flawed and causes massive problems in the way we treat one another. He’s taking a moment to spread a message about hope for the future and unity. Why get your shorts in a bunch over that?

    D) If you want someone to express anger/fear/concern over ISIS, turn on the news. Any channel. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Well, maybe not ANY channel. Cartoon Network won’t be covering ISIS. Or Turner Classic Movies. They just show classic movies. But it’s a good station. Oh, or The Weather Network. They can’t help you either. Try scrolling through those channels on your remote. You’ll find someone talking ISIS in a matter of seconds, I’m sure.

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