I’m in Montreal, so…no new Bun Toons today…BUT….

batman points

….But I will share a bunch of new sketch covers I’ve done for the Montreal convention.

wonder woman

If you’re in the Montreal area, come on down and say hello!  I’m always happy to meet a new fan when I’m out of town…even if Montreal is as close to my second “home” town as it gets….I’m still away from my desk.

caesar joker 66

I mean…my mother’s from Montreal.  My brother in law lives there…my eldest son went to college in Quebec…

batman 66 and robin 66

…and of course, I’m currently there myself.

batman rain

So come on over and say hello.  I’m happy to do a sketch for you, the character of your choice (though probably not characters I’ve never heard of or seen before, so nothing from World of Warcraft or Fast and the Furious, I’m afraid…)

batman 66 batarang

I do a lot of Batman covers.  Probably because of all the Batman comics I’ve drawn over the years.

bat climb

So…I’ll see you guys when I get back with a new Bun Toon.  Probably something about comics, or American politics, or whatever happens between now and then.

batman buildings

Ty the Guy OUT!

8 responses to “I’m in Montreal, so…no new Bun Toons today…BUT….

  1. Hope you have a great con Ty.

  2. OMG! Those are great covers! I loved the Adam West Batman as a child.

  3. Fantastic sketch covers, Ty! My three favorites were the Wonder Woman one, the one with Batman & Robin going up the side of the building, and the last one with Batman that has Gotham City in the background.

  4. Oh, those are all very nice!
    It’s good to see that you’re back on the horse, so to speak.
    Question – in regards to B&R going up the building – who would you most like to pop their head out of a window as a cameo?

    • I’m not very familiar with Johnny Carson (except that I know he’s a talkshow host), but I can actually picture the Beatles in a Batman episode – their ‘zany’ humour and slight surrealism (even in the ’60s) would fit like a bat-glove!

  5. Lorenzo Palermo

    Oh shucks I missed you… I missed the whole Con actually…But there’s always next time…Next Time! Muhahahahaha!


    Lorenzo D. Palermo


  6. All great covers but the Batman ’66 ones are particularly awesome. Could not make it to Montreal but hope to catch you at a con again soon. Now I’m going to have to find a list of all the celebrities who did building pop-outs as the dynamic duo climbed up. I remember a few (Sid Caesar, Jerry Lewis, and Sammy Davis Jr.) but the DVDs of the series are still too expensive for me to buy and rematch all the episodes.


    • There’s actually a youtube video in which someone has mashed up ALL the window cameos together into one vid. Not hard to find…

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