Teeny Tiny Bun Toons! YAY!

It's not the size of the Bun Toon that matters...

It’s not the size of the Bun Toon that matters…

Again, Marvel opens up a movie with a character the general public knows next to nothing about.

Again, the humble Bunny is here to help the novice sort it all out…

ant man four panels

I’m actually DYING to see this one.  I have a fondness for ANT-MAN that’s almost unnatural…

Ty the Guy OUT!


During the period of time I was writing an Avengers animated comic called “Avengers United They Stand”, Hank Pym/Ant-Man was the only original Avenger on the team every month…  So I featured him as a heroic, smart, funny, charming and all-around cool guy, leading the squad…

I drew the covers too, this is one of mine.

I drew the covers too, this is one of mine.

Of course, the series was cancelled after eight issues.


No one loves the comic book Hank Pym.


For last week's equally pathos-filled Bun Toon...click here.

For last week’s equally pathos-filled Bun Toon…click here.

For the Bun Toon archive, click here.

For the Bun Toon archive, click here.

4 responses to “Teeny Tiny Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. You had Hank punching out Devil Dinosaur! Really, you did all you could for him.

  2. Well I didn’t know any of this before but I do now!
    i just thought that he was a insect version of The Atom.
    I may see the new film because I do like Paul Rudd, but for me it will most likely be a dvd thing.
    Thanks Ty! 🙂

  3. I think I was one of the twelve people who bought Avengers: United They Stand. I did like it and I was disappointed when it was cancelled. My favorite cover was the one that you illustrated for issue #5. “Evil scientists stole my love!” 🙂

  4. So…. the only thing I already knew about Antman is the whole wife-beater thing. Come to think of it, well, it makes sense… there’s the nerd superhero, the playboy superhero, the everyday guy superhero, the sporty superhero, the family guy superhero, even the alien superhero…. the only thing that was left as this point was the douce superhero!

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