Yer Not A Ten, Yer An Eight Bun Toons! YAY!

In these troubled times, it's important to have priorities...

It’s important to have priorities…

famous bathroom encounters websize

Honestly, it’s like three different people who have all had their own television series that I’ve been in a shower with.  You’ll have to offer money to find out their names, though…

Ty the Guy OUT!

NOTE:  My brother Brad claims the memory of sharing a urinal with Colonel Sanders and swears I was not in the room at the time.  The controversy will haunt us until our dying days…


This might be the worst thing that’s ever happened in a bathroom in a comic book…From RAMPAGING HULK #7…

hulk bathroom 2

…and the following might be the best thing to happen in a bathroom…

hulk toilet paper

I’ve never read this original story, but I cannot imagine it was given good reviews…not with the way people treated the issue!

Of course, what would a toilet based Bun Toon be without a visit from…

captain underpants

Dav Pilkey’s underdressed hero is ALWAYS welcome around here.

….and finally….here’s your LAST Urinal Based Bonus Moment:

red skull websized

Ttechnically, the Red Skull is FICTIONAL, not FAMOUS, and that’s why he didn’t make the list.


For last week's not-urinal-based-Bun-Toon click here (though it IS based on someone who could be described as "wee".)

For last week’s not-urinal-based-Bun-Toon  (though it IS based on someone who could be described as “wee”…) click here.

For the Bun Toon archive, click here.

For the Bun Toon archive, click here.

5 responses to “Yer Not A Ten, Yer An Eight Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Well, the Colonel was getting on in years and might have had to go more than once . . .

  2. Interesting stories, as always. If it were me the story would have gone more like this – “Dude! You were in the bathroom with Joe Cocker!” “I was?” You see, I’m completely obsessed with the, “Do your business and get out” rule. You don’t make conversation and you don’t make eye contact. I’ve seen more tile floors than faces. Not very many famous tile floors, mind you.

  3. A bathroom is probably the most appropriate place to meet both Lloyd Kaufman and Joe Cocker.

    If I ever saw Sting in a public restroom, I’d probably get very self-conscious, which wouldn’t be goo. I definitely would not want to get distracted and accidentally piss in his direction. He’d probably pull out a knife and gleefully shout “I will kill him!” Hey, you don’t want to mess with the guy who inspired John Constantine 🙂

  4. A few years back, at FanExpo in Toronto my two sons and I followed Hugh Dillon into the john, hoping to meet him. We took the urinals on both sides of him. At that point we realized there’s no good way to strike up a conversation while relieving yourself. So we stood there peeing and giggling. We must have freaked him out as he did his business then quickly exited the washroom. We spent the rest of the day telling everyone we met that Hugh Dillon doesn’t wash his hands after he pees…..ah, good times.

  5. Greg Huneryager

    At San Diego over a decade ago I was in the bathroom and Kelly Freas goes up to the urinal and lights up a cigar. The guy next to him tells him that you can’t smoke in here and Mr. Freas starts cursing, blaming it ‘all on the Japanese.’

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