Fingered in a Good Way Bun Toon! YAY!

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Sometimes the good guys win one.

Congratulations on everyone who did right this week.  There’s a few that deserve a shout out, but perhaps one in particular…

finger justice

Marc and I are prepped and ready to fight the good fight when it comes to the creation of Courageous Cat.  My information tells me Stan Lee was involved.

Ty the Guy OUT!


bill boy wonder

Most readers of this Bunny Blog know I might have had a thing or two to do with Marc’s book, but I cannot stress enough the above-and-beyond work that Marc did since the graphic novel/kid’s book was released.


I noticed my Batman without Bob Kane strip is being reprinted all over the internet again this week…but I SO prefer that people run with the PROPER one, so here it is again…

batman without kane


For last week's Bun Toon featuring GOOD MAN, Co-Created by Bob Kane, click here.

For last week’s Bun Toon featuring GOOD MAN, Co-Created by Bob Kane, click here.

for the Bun Toon Archive click here.

for the Bun Toon Archive click here.

To go to Marc's blog and read about his adventures in Finger-Land, click here

To go to Marc’s blog and read about his adventures in Finger-Land, click here

15 responses to “Fingered in a Good Way Bun Toon! YAY!

  1. Your portrayal of Bob Kane as being in Hell is disgusting. When you die (soon, we hope), I’ll be sure to draw a comic of you as a piece of shit floating in the toilet. Your relatives will probably use it at your funeral. “It was just so accurate, so HIM, we HAD to.”

    • I drew Bob Kane in a costume he designed. You decided he was in Hell. And as for dying, I’ve already done it…three times in fact, last April. It was unpleasant to say the least, but you’re welcome to illustrate the story if you have any creative skills.

    • Uh, yo…what’s this ‘soon WE hope’ @#$%? Don’t lump everyone in with you. You talk about what you find to be disgusting behavior, and then wish DEATH upon a guy for drawing a satirical comic? Slow your roll and think about which behavior is REALLY disgusting.

  2. Love the Bill Finger piece Ty!

  3. Well that gives context to the comic I saw on the wall of the Embassy. And there was something about Kane’s appearance in your strip that looked eerily familiar: you know, aside from the fact that I write stories in hell. But would he have wanted that costume?

    I look forward to learning more about Bill Finger. And being creative myself. 🙂

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  5. I think this is one of your very best cartoons 🙂

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  7. I quite enjoyed the satire, thank you Ty, and if I recall correctly, didn’t Bob Kane recant his “I created Batman all by myself” story before he died? So this piece is not far off from the truth.

    And let’s be honest: “devilish-looking” costume…farther to travel…are we meant to infer that BK is coming from the Land Down Under? It’s funny!

    I’m chuffed that finally Bill Finger is getting the credit he richly deserves.

    • If you mean, did Bob Kane come from Australia, then the answer is no. He came from New York, as far as I know. And again, that’s not a devilish costume, but the original Batman costume, as designed by Bob Kane, without Bill Finger’s help.

    • Bob did give some credit to Bill Finger in his Batman and Me book, at the urging of his co-writer Thomas Andre. Thomas knew and interviewed Bill Finger, but he could push Kane so far on that end. Before Kane died though he did go back to taking full credit for Batman though.

      I audio recorded a panel about Batman’s creation at San Diego 2014.
      The Audio is here:

      Comics Arts Conference Session #8: Who Created Batman? (51:10, 46.8mb)
      Kathleen McClancy gave a brief introduction and the panel was moderated by Dr. Travis Langley. On the panel was Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, Marc Tyler Nobleman, Tom Andre, Arlen Schumer, Jens Robinson, Athena Finger, Denny O’Neil and Brad Ricca. The panel started with a video of Kane giving a version of story of where he created Batman and Robin. Afterwards Marc Tyler Nobelman talked about the many parts of the Batman mythos that Finger was responsible for. There was some information about Bill and his family given. They also talked about the inspirations of Batman and in particular the large amount of crime that was going on in New York at the time. They also discussed the Joker and Robin’s creation.

  8. It’s great to see this finally coming about and I hope somewhere Bill knows his work isn’t forgotten and neither is he. You guys should do something fun to celebrate this victory in some way…it’s really awesome of you to go out on a limb for all the right reasons.

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