Quick Diagnosis Bun Toon! YAY!

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  Thank god I’ve got socialized medicine.

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This had to have been a mistake in some way.  My MORE FUN #105 is in near mint shape, and should NOT have been in any kind of bargain bin.  I figure it got put in there by mistake, and the guy I was talking to was an employee, and not the guy running the booth, and he simply didn’t know.

I wish I could enjoy that kind of good luck, but I think about the boss coming back from his lunch and finding out his thousand dollar comics went for five dollars.

Ty the Guy OUT!

I have almost the exact same story with a copy of SHOWCASE #9, the first solo appearance of Lois Lane.  


…though, to be fair, my SHOWCASE #9 is a little beat up…it’s still not beaten up enough to get for under ten bucks, though!


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3 responses to “Quick Diagnosis Bun Toon! YAY!

  1. Oliver Townshend

    The year is 2000 and I’m bidding on Ebay, someone has Fantastic Four 40 to 60 up for sale for $200 (so about $10 each). Average condition is Fine-ish, but what the hey I bid the minimum and wait. And wait. No-one else bids. I win!

    Thank you Mr Bush, Mr Gore and the US Supreme Court for shutting down ebay for a week. I’ve still got all of them, giving me a great run for about issue 30 or so up to 100.

  2. My FF run comes from my age, mostly. I bought a lot of them off the rack when Stan and Jack were still doing them…but with me they start around issue 47 (whichever one first intros Black Bolt is my first one). I’ve since gone back and gotten most of the early ones, but in fairly beat up shape, as I don’t have the fortune needed to get the early stuff in 9.0 and up.

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