Enough of THAT year Bun Toons! YAY

00 year end countdown

Happy New Year Bunny People!  Another year over and a new one, just begun.

But before we send you off to explore the future, one last look back at the year that was…our annus horribilis, as we affectionately call it around here….and our annual TOP FIVE COUNTDOWN!

Our FIFTH most popular BUN TOON of the year, as counted by the fine folks at PRICE WATERHOUSE, celebrated a certain announcement from DC Comics about fairness, and justice and who deserved a finger…

finger justice

I got quite a few angry emails about drawing Bob Kane in a demon costume…but I cannot stress enough that Bob is wearing the original Batman suit he designed (and Bill Finger re-designed away).  It only LOOKS like a demon costume of you know anything about Bob Kane.



The Aluminium Award goes to one of my “Everything You Need to Know in Four Panels” strips (keep an eye out, “all in four panels” will be a theme today).  In the fall, CBS started up the Adventures of Supergirl on Monday nights, and I was there to help the uninitiated understand the backstory to our beloved Kara Zor-el.

SUPERGIRL in four panels

Yes, I left out the part about the semi-human pink Jello-Beastie that was Supergirl for most of the 90s.  I didn’t think the uninitiated were quite ready for that.  And yes…they SORT of killed the dog in an imaginary story, which ain’t the same thing.  Fiction Dogs still get treated to less time in refrigerators than women do.



The Bronze goes to…

Another of the FOUR PANELS series, this time appropriately about four characters in their fourth live action movie.  This really should have been entry #4, but sometimes the universe doesn’t understand neatness.


I heard an internet rumour that FOX is working on another FF movie.  Seriously.  After that train wreck, they’re going again?  Whee?



Silver Medal time at the Rabbit Round-up, this time the long ears get all “political”.

fun with flags websize revised

No word of a joke, about five days after this toon went online, back in June, the Confederate flag started coming down in front of state houses all across America.  It was a very popular Bun Toon, reblogged and re-tweeted and had many thousands of readers.  I like to think the Bun Toon single-handedly ended the race troubles in the USA, but I wouldn’t be humble if I suggested it, so one of my fans has to.

Go on.  I’m waiting…



Golden Memories.  The Number #1 Bun Toon of 2015 came after a month-long absence from the funny-web due to an inconvenient brush with death back in April.  I flat-lined three times and those silly doctors kept bringing me back from the great beyond…

For a couple of weeks after I got out of the hospital, I couldn’t really draw well, (pain meds are wonderful, but they give the grey matter some silly attitudes about proportion and muscle control), and could only produce a Bun Toon by lifting the art from better artists.

It’s another “Everything Explained in Four Panels” Bun Toon, this time about the Netflix Daredevil series.

Clearly Daredevil is a huge hit, as this Bun Toon was by far the most read of the year.

daredevil hearts

I’m still kind of baffled that Marvel didn’t call me to take over the Daredevil book after that.  Clearly, I deserve it, going to hell and back and everything.  Who’s writing it now?  Did they die and come back?  Pussies.


And now…the LOSER!

It’s never a proper celebration unless I embrace the failures as well, and this year the big “no one read it” Bun Toon comes from just a few weeks ago.  (Every year, the least popular Bun Toon comes from early December…I’m starting to sense a pattern).  This time out, it was a travel diary from my recent trip to India, and I’m presenting again, so the internet may ignore it again as furiously as it did the last time I ran it, three weeks ago.

and back home


And that’s it.  Another year in the memory hole, never to be considered again, until the big TOP FIVE OF THE DECADE BUN TOONS coming up in just four years!  Wait by your computers for an announcement.

I’ll see you in a week or so as we start up the 2016 goofiness.  I suspect we’ll see a Bun Toon about Donald Trump as the year progresses, and maybe even something about President Hillary.  Also:  I predict that this is the year Florida and California slip into the ocean.  You heard it here first.

Ty the Guy, 2015 OUT!



4 responses to “Enough of THAT year Bun Toons! YAY

  1. Here’s hoping 2016 includes many fewer near-death experiences for you!

  2. Sad about the loser; I liked it a lot. You should’ve titled something like “You’ll never guess what happened to this cartoonist in Delhi.” Happy New Year!

  3. I did not see that India Bun Toon. I normally find out about them via facebook. I must have missed it. Thanks for reposting it.

    A year ago I had a co-worker who lived in India come to Canada and I played tour guide for her. When I was driving her around town she asked me “Where are all the stray dogs?”

  4. I did see the India post and loved it, but I’ve been to India so maybe it’s one of those you have to be there kind of posts. Weirdly, I missed the Daredevil post. I think you should script hornhead!

    Very glad you’re better and best wishes in 2016!

    PS: I wrote in that I was very disappointed by the new Supergirl, but I have to retract that. I should have been more patient with the show. I have loved it ever since the 2nd episode.

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