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A legend in my own lunch time.

As always, when new comic book media arrives, I’m here to help sort it all out.

The CW just launched a new series, spinning off from ARROW and FLASH, and I watched the pilot so you don’t have to…


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I-Zombie is safe.  That’s about a zombie.  And Lucifer is coming, and he’s hardly “B-List” in the name-recognition game.  But I worry about these “Legends”.

Past is prologue.

Ty the Guy OUT!


I have it on good authority that Brother Power The Geek is joining the LEGENDS squad as soon as they can find anyone who remembers him.  Then come the SEA DEVILS.




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A legend in my own lunch time.

6 responses to “LEGENDARY BUN TOONS! YAY!

  1. One thing I have noticed about B-list heroes and characters is they have one advantage which we may — or may not — have discussed in class. Their advantage is that they are so obscure. They have history, but they are not as popular and you can arguably get away with the novelty of them for new viewers, and in revising their personalities and outlooks.

    I mean, everyone knows or has seen Superman and Batman. We know their stories already. But these heroes, these slightly more polite Inglorious Basterds in a DC televised sense, with their knowing self-referential geek humour, are interesting. I also hope that they continue this show.

    I’ll admit: I was a bit anxious as to get invested in yet another new comic book show, but this one has a … spirit to it. I guess it doesn’t hurt that there is a hint of Doctor Who to the entire thing what with Rip Hunter and Rory’s actor playing him and the Time Masters, but … we you really think about it it’s kind of neat that The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are kind of all time-traveling shows. I just hope this one maintains itself.

  2. sounds like the hero version of the suicide squad

  3. I am relieved to see that you corrected “and” and “aught” in the online version. Of course those errors were still there in the email version, leading me to believe that you were deliberately spelling things wrong to show how little regard you have for these characters! (And I forwarded the email version to others…sorry…)

  4. Oliver Townshend

    I hear Lucifer is, like izombie, a police procedural in the style of elementary, where the superhero helps the police solve murders. How exciting, just think, even if they team up ten to an episode as in Legends, DC can do at least a hundred of these shows before they run out of characters.

  5. Why do you have to be like that? I liked it. The best part was Captain Cold and Heatwave, the worst part was the ad for that awful Batman v. Superman thing. Yeesh!

  6. Honestly, Legends of Tomorrow was exactly what I’d hoped it would be. A fun superhero romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It picks and chooses what to use and subtly nudges and winks at the audience. AND IT’S NOT EMBARRASSED ABOUT BEING A SUPERHERO SHOW. It embraces it’s concept and goes to town with it.

    And it’s funny that these are all secondary characters…but let’s be fair; many of them had good runs, but were deep-sixed by editorial decisions. Firestorm’s main run in the 80s lasted 8 years. The All-New Atom was done by John Byrne and Gail Simone and was fantastic, until DC made Rick Remender ruin it all and end the party.

    I mean, when you think about it, MOST comic heroes past DC’s trinity and Spiderman or the Hulk had very little exposure in the pop culture. I remember when Iron Man was announced and thinking ‘Wow, Iron Man? Really? I never thought I’d see that’. And honestly, most comic heroes got their zeitgeist from representation in other Media. Legends may make A-Listers out of some of these characters, honestly.

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