Silly Rabbit– Chicks Are For Kids Bun Toons! YAY!

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I partially blame myself…

sian and the city

Let’s be honest, the real reason Sian has never gotten into Sex and the City is because it was never made into a first person shooter game.

CALL of DUTY:  Saks Fifth Avenue.  You would play the hell out of that game.

Ty the Guy OUT!


It’s hard to find comic based Sex in the City bonus moments, but I found a few:


The Girls of Apartment 3-G is SORT of an early version of the Sex in the City kind of vibe. Both series were about young women trying to “make it” in the big city.  The primary difference was that the 3-G cast didn’t have lower torsos or legs.

trek VI

Of course, SITC actress Kim Cattrall played Lt. Saavik  Valeris in the last OG Star Trek movie, and it got a comic book adaptation.  She’s the small Vulcan woman with a white headband next to Spock.  Her head’s pretty small on the cover, but it’s still way bigger than Doctor McCoy’s head shot.  Or Scotty’s.  Uhura’s.  Chekov…Sulu…where the hell is everybody?


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for last week’s Valentine to the fanboy legions, click here.

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If you live in the Toronto area, and are interested in learning how to write and draw comic books, click here!

One response to “Silly Rabbit– Chicks Are For Kids Bun Toons! YAY!


    As a kid I used to wonder who the hell reads stuff like Apt. 3G, Mary Worth, or Brenda Starr? “Girls.” Nope. Any girls I knew as a kid into comics were about Marvel or DC, and occasionally Archie or Harvey. “Mothers and grandmothers”? Nope, they were all plastering Heathcliff, Love Is, and Cathy to their work cubicles.

    Perhaps they were the comic strip equivalent of loss leaders, like when retailers used to discount CDs and cassettes in the hope you’d buy that big stereo? “Well, alright, we’ll give you the Apt. 3G, Mark Trail, and Andy Capp for free but you’re gonna have to pony up for that Beetle Bailey and Garfield….”

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