Movie Magic Bun Toons! YAY!

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I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Warner Brothers…

We’re in the final days of counting down before the big, big DC Smash-Em-Up Justice League movie-palooza hits the theatres.   As an expert on the characters, let me introduce you to the new kids on the blockbuster…

big budget superfriends

Wonder Twin Power…shape of a….

I can’t say it in a family webtoon.

See you at the movies, gang!

Ty the Guy OUT!


It’s hardly the first time the Super-Friends have behaved like a bag of crotch rockets.  Here’s how they treated their beloved team mates Wendy and Marvin when they found NEW friends.


No joke.  This was the last appearance of Wendy and Marvin.  They were never heard from again.  I think they became homeless and had to eat the dog.



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5 responses to “Movie Magic Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Wendy wound up paralyzed, the dog was an alien, and actually ate Marvin. And no, I’m not making that up. Comics, kids!

  2. What Tom said. Yeah, that Teen Titans story was a real big ‘Ha! Screw You, fanboys!’ for no real discernible reason. Mostly because it seemed like they had introduced Wendy and Marvin as cute nods to the past as the Titans administrative staff, then they found a dog and named it ‘Wonder Dog’ seemed like it was a cute eye-wink to the audience…then it turned out it was the dog of Ares’ god of war and turned into a hell-beast, biting a good chunk out of Marvin (again with the arm) and then chasing Wendy through Titans Tower in a sequence right out of a horror movie.

    Good Times. Good Times.

  3. Seriously?!?!? Seriously?!? I didn’t know that. Holy Dick On A Stick, that’s just toy breaking for toy breaking’s sake. Almost as bad as what they did to the Dibneys…well, nothing’s as bad as what they did to the Dibneys. But man, DC has a problem with intentionally destroying their more lovable characters. When I worked there in the 80s, there was a huge “NO KRYPTO” rule, as though Krypto was a negative element to the Superman story – a flying dog, for chrissake, is one of the most wonderful things about comics! – So Krypto and Streaky were considered gone, dead, gone, and we couldn’t use either of them in any story. First Superman story I got to write was an Animated Universe Superman issue where the rules were different, so I pitched nothing but Krypto and Streaky stories. It was the first Krypto story in many years, and slowly they brought him back when the universe didn’t end with DC publishing a Krypto story. (I’m still enormously proud of that Krypto story, it will bring a tear to your eye every time.) DC’s primary problem is that they don’t love their history, they’re embarrassed by it, hence, things like Identity Crisis, or turning Superboy Prime or Green Lantern into mass murderers.

    Has anyone read the new Devil Dinosaur book from Marvel? That’s a property, often considered a low water mark in the Kirby pantheon (but I love it), and here’s a new series that feels fresh, exciting and fun to read, and it’s COMPLETELY mindful of the original series, and treats fans of the original DD as welcome to the story. THAT’S how you win life long fans of something, but remembering why there’s a property there in the first place.

  4. That Krypto story of yours is definitely a tear-jerker, Ty. I’m not sure we can saddle Benman with the sins of Baleman, however…aren’t these two Batmen in two different continuities?

    DC sure loves keeping us confused.

  5. “Nothing’s as bad as what they did to the Dibneys”

    What Grant Morrison did to Kid Eternity comes close.

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