Bun Toon V Hollywood: Darn the Justice

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You knew the risks going in.

Who says movie makers don’t listen to the people?


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Wonder Woman is cool.  She’s the only thing in the movie that makes you smile, or sit up, or discover yourself enjoying something.  I will greatly look forward to the Wonder Woman movie if it’s anything like the twenty-three seconds of air-time she gets in this one.

It might have been a stronger movie if they hadn’t dedicated so much of the film to advertising their next six movies and instead spent time building the characters, motivations and relationships of THIS one.


I miss the cinematic triumphs of Green Lantern and Jonah Hex.

Ty the Guy OUT!


superman batman

Back when the boys got along.  Who’s a pretty Batman?

You are.  Yes you are.

batman superman magazine

One of my many contributions to the World’s Finest-ness of Animated Comics.  The first issue of Superman & Batman magazine with a cover by the rabbit.


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6 responses to “Bun Toon V Hollywood: Darn the Justice

  1. Here’s a note: If you’re going to have a “Batman vs. Superman” story, the way you do it is to have Batman pursue the villain with Batman methods versus Superman pursuing the villain with Superman methods. The problem being that Superman villains tend to be in a higher weight class than Batman villains.

  2. Mike Tiefenbacher

    It’s good to see a DC guy who hasn’t been co-opted by his (undoubtedly minimal) monetary involvement in the success of the movie!

  3. Character motivations were one of the biggest problems in the film. Lex had none, Wonder Woman’s were silly, Batman’s were out of character and abandoned at the climax of the film and Superman… well who knows. Even the secondary characters like Lois Lane and Senator Holly Hunter and No-Legs McGee … what were they doing and why? I have no clue.

  4. Hilariously spot on!

    My only disagreement was Wonder Woman. I wasn’t that thrilled. Maybe 23 seconds isn’t enough for me.

  5. Well, I think the second weekend take should hopefully temper Warner’s expectations as to what a gritty direction BvS does. I waited until the second weekend to see it and even with expectations tempered, parts of the movie simply BAFFLED me. One of my friends suggests that Paul Verhoeven despised the source material for Starship Troopers and that contempt showed through in the result…and that ‘Dawn of Justice’ felt much the same way.

    Personally, setting aside the very valid criticisms mentioned above, the film was wildly inconsistent in the competency of it’s characters AND in just assuming the audience would take huge swatchs of plot without question. For example, how can Superman hear Lois in danger on the other side of the planet or a couple of miles away during a battle…but apparently can’t rescue his mother from an abandoned not far from his location in the same situation he found Lois in at the start of the movie? The movie is full of stuff like that; it could easily be established how these things happen, but Snyder never bothers, instead having characters blather on and on about ‘gods’ and jolly ranchers.

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