Hop, hop and away!

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I promise, no complaining about the new Zack Snyder movie, except for this bit here.

Another honest-to-god-true-life-adventure.  Ah, the life I lead…

Torch passing

I suppose my other children are pretty cool, too.  No, really.

Ty the Guy OUT!


As long time readers of this blog might recall, my eldest son, Kellam once went out on Halloween as BLUE SUPERMAN!  blue-superman-photo

Perhaps the only Blue Superman ever on Halloween.  Not a single house knew who he was.

Below is a conversation I had with Taylor about the Archie characters.  It’s an ongoing education with my brood.


And, of course, me and the lad aren’t the only ones with a Christopher Reeve man-crush.

Jerry Seinfeld’s man-crush on the big blue boy scout is so strong, a few years back, American Express actually hired me to draw Superman and Jerry palling around together.  No, really.



I think Superman is tickling Jerry here.  What was I thinking when I drew this?


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6 responses to “Hop, hop and away!

  1. The answer from Archie’s point of view is that he’s a wretched little social climber. Since the premise of the comic is that he’s a nice boy this can never be explicit, but it’s implicit in his constant spurning of Betty and engaging in a low-percentage pursuit of Veronica.

    On a more simple level of elementary humor, he wants the one he can’t have, and spurns the perfectly decent alternative he could have easily.

  2. My thought before I got to your answer to Taylor was the same. In case you needed further validation of it.

  3. It’s absolutely true. Christopher Reeve IS Superman.

  4. Well I’d cry too if my son claimed that Superman movie was a “perfect” movie…. 😛

  5. It looks kinda like Supes is going “This guy, am I right? This guy!”

  6. I didn’t know you had a part in the Seinfeld / Superman American Express commercials! Those are amazing!

    What’s the story? Where can I find out more about it?

    *Note: I’m the guy with the blog about the Elongated Man, and you commented when I mixed you up with Mike Parobeck —some sort of knowledge gap I had since I was 12.

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