Enough is enough Bun Toons!

purple toon

after the week websize

Seriously, I’m not doing tragedy this week.  I simply have no interest.

Ty the Guy OUT!




Most people don’t realize Prince’s first appearance in comics was in a Spider-Man annual by Peter David and Mark Beachum.  I’m pretty sure this was RIGHT after Purple Rain came out.


They didn’t call him “Prince” (his name was “ACE”) and he didn’t have any Punchanello marionettes or any version of Morris Day anywhere near him, but we all knew what was going on.  The character appeared only once more, in Peter Parker, Spider-Man annual #6. It’s possible they were asked to stop, either by Marvel lawyers, or fans.

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for last week’s Superman themed Toon, click the Kryptonian Bunny

purple toon

for last week’s Superman themed Toon, click the Kryptonian Bunny

3 responses to “Enough is enough Bun Toons!

  1. I was thinking that once we have Harriet Tubman on one side of the 20 and Andrew Jackson on the other Two-Face can use it. He’ll have a whole wad of them and he’ll pick out one and if it’s Harriet up he’ll be nice and if it’s Andy up he’ll be a real bastard. Then everybody will say what a terrible horrible bastard he is but they’ll still keep everything he stole for themselves.

  2. Nice post Ty.
    I am so sad about Prince’s death, I am still not over David Bowie’s now two of my favourites are gone but we are gifted with their artistry and music!
    Also it was so sad to hear about Chyna, she was treated poorly in the end by the WWE.
    Thanks for remembering them. 🙂

  3. Brian Cronin addresses the Ace thing in this week’s CBLR:


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