Darwyn Cooke.

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I have a bunch of Darwyn stories, but they all add up to what I said above…he was a funny, generous, charming guy.  I wish the last time I saw him (in Montreal outside our hotel at a comic convention) he hadn’t been smoking a cigarette, but I’m stuck with that last visual memory no matter what I do.  Fuck cancer.  

(The family has set up a page with the Canadian Cancer Society to accept donations in Darwyn’s honour. Link HERE.)

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A couple of images of Slam Bradley by Darwyn.

slam bradley


Darywn showed up in the Bun Toon every now and then.  He was too important to our industry, doing too much interesting work for me not to comment on him now and then.  Here’s one from a few years ago, when he did a magnificent job on his issues of Before Watchmen.


Amazingly enough, the Alan Moore Hover-Guilt quieted down when I read Darwyn’s series.  It helped that I knew Darwyn, and don’t know Alan.  It also helped that Darwyn did a fantastic job on the book, as he did every time he did anything.

I still haven’t read his last book, The Twilight Children, and wonder when I’ll be able to enjoy it properly.   I flipped through it today, and it’s beautiful.  Of course.

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3 responses to “Darwyn Cooke.

  1. Thank you. You’re the only person I’ve seen comment on the cigarette. All the people mourning Mr. Cooke today, I hope, will look at themselves and those near their hearts and try to stop smoking.

  2. Great tribute. It really moved me. I, like many thousands of people, never got to know Darwyn Cooke. But he, like you, have a reputation, you know? There a certain people in the comic business who make great work and besides that, they are also great people. Mr. Cooke had that kind of reputation, as you do.

  3. Ty Templeton, you will love The Twilight Children! Nobody does surreal like Gilbert Hernandez, nobody does noir like Darwyn Cooke, their clear love of each others’ work shines on every page, and the resolution is softer than velvet. My favorite book of the year and the sweetest swan song I can remember having seen 😀

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