When Good Men Do Nothing Bun Toons!

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Good bunnies know enough to stay out of it.

We return you now to Pleasant City, where crime never gets a chance to run rampant because of the constant patrols of one Good Man…


Thank god I was here to sum up American politics for you.   This is why CNN is slipping in the ratings.

Ty the Guy

I just riffed the name “Dyno-Lady” while I was writing the above toon, and almost instantly recalled that there’s a genuine  super-hero with NEARLY that name…


This was an old Sid & Marty Krofft produced “Saturday Morning” TV series when I was young.   When trying to find a cover for an issue featuring these protectors of goodness, I discovered they don’t HAVE a comic series.

tv series cover

A TV series?  Sure.  But the MAN is keeping them out of the comics biz, for some reason. That’s another thing Hillary will make better.  Besides saving the planet from a racist orange monster, I mean…


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4 responses to “When Good Men Do Nothing Bun Toons!

  1. This is why things like Captain America Civil Wars seem to me people not understanding their own concept. Of COURSE superheros are all outlaws, doing things that are illegal. That’s why they have masks and secret identities. And if we didn’t know that he was always on the side of truth and justice, Commissioner Gordon would be just like a Generalissimo instructing his death squad.

  2. There’s also a movie that JUST came out: http://electrawomandynagirl.com/

  3. CA: Civil War gets it’s concept just fine, IMHO. Look at the characters so aligned: 1 head of state, 1 piece of technology, 1 national hero (former SHIELD, former military), 1 retired soldier, 3 former SHIELD agents, 1 reformed criminal, 1 unknown vigilante, 3 former SHIELD agents, 1 active military, 1 public private security contractor.

    Sum total of unknown, unregistered vigilantes: Spiderman and Antman, essentially. Virtually everyone in the movie universe only has a secret identity in the sense that they haven’t advertised on the level of Tony Stark. Only those two actually operate under-the-radar as vigilantes, with only Spidey doing it at all publicly.

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