Happy Birthdays DC Bun Toons! YAY!

00 bunny worried light green.jpg

I knew it was coming and I still didn’t bake a cake.

With an entire week passed and no iconic heroes passing away, perhaps it’s time to reflect on the little baby comic books left in my crib recently…

after birth

Every now and then, I’m reminded that Superman means a lot to me.  He’s had his ass kicked in the movies and the New 52….but DARE I be hopeful about the Rebirth Kal-el?  Dare I?  I already like the Convergence Superman, and in theory….

Ty the Guy OUT!

If you’re new to the whole concept of the DC reboot, let me give you a crash course:


This was the last one.  All the Batmans and Supermans and Aquamans had to fight each other.  It made no sense, really.


This wasn’t a reboot so much as they simply changed everything about all the characters.  And it lasted maybe six months anyway.

dc new fifty two

The Now-Old New-Fifty-Two.  A reboot that rose from the flames of a temporary reboot called “Flashpoint”.


I think this had something to do with Flash travelling through time and forgetting to keep the sports almanac from Biff, but who can remember this many reboots ago?

zero hour

I’m pretty sure there were a couple of Crisis Events between this and Flashpoint, but how many Crisis covers can you look at?


The grandfather of all reboots.  The first, the biggest, the brightest, the one everyone compares all reboots to…

flash showcase

Except for this one, which was actually the first, sort of.  Depends on if you count the 50s Timely/Atlas Human Torch reboot. 

father's advice link

For last week’s BUN TOON about Father’s Day and embarrassing sexual adventures, click here.

00 bunny worried light green

For the Bun Toon library of years past, click here!


4 responses to “Happy Birthdays DC Bun Toons! YAY!

  1. Charles H. Bryan

    Have we mentioned how enjoyable each week’s Bun Toons is? Even the serious ones without happy endings? Thank you for doing them and for sharing them with us.

    Speaking as an old-timey fan, who’s seen all of the reboots mentioned (except the late 50’s Flash/GL/JLA revival — I’m not that old-timey, but close), I take them now as a given and wish all involved the best. I don’t think anyone wants to make bad comics, they just sometimes get a little lost, especially with characters who have been around continuously for 75 years.

  2. What Charles said, on both counts.

    Rebirth is catching my eye, but with a healthy dose of cynicism. What rankles me is when writers like Mark Millar say things like ‘well, I’m writing more positive stories now because people didn’t used to want them but now they do’ (paraphrasing here), because those comics never went out of style or favor. I’m all for dark takes, but not all dark, all the time. A healthy balance is nice. And FUN is not a four letter word.

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  4. Shush, I like DC precisely because it’s cynical. Instead of happy fables for children, it can discuss about real life. And real life is cynical. A Batman comic can discuss child abuse, animal abuse, real crime, drugs, and anything you want it to discuss…. first and foremost the many nuances of the human psyche. Good luck having a Spider-Man comic do that.
    Incidentally, that’s also why I never, never liked Superman. Too one-dimensional to possibly relate to; too childish to really teach anything. The best a Superman comic can do when it tries to be smart is to represent American politics.

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