Waller to Waller Coverage Bun Toon! Yay!


Pleasant dreams, all you residents of Belle Reve.

I’m hoping you plucky internet adventurers are willing to come along for this ride without me having to plant explosives in your neck.

I’m still going to plant those explosives, but I’m hoping you won’t NEED them.

Suicide Squad websize

Believe it or not, the movie is entertaining.  It’s dumb as a bag of rock salt, and rarely funny (though Harley manages one or two moments) but it does grudgingly allow for a bit of fun in between the rain storms and music video montages.  Viola Davis is good as Amanda Waller, even though the script doesn’t get Waller right.  Will Smith Will-Smiths his way through Deadshot with all the Will-Smithiness you’d want from him…and the BIG surprise is how close-to-the-originals the director gets the small time DC characters.  The movie is good for DC fans, if not necessarily the general public, because it’s certainly better than Green Lantern, Man of Steel, Constantine (the movie), Batman v Superman, Dark Knight Rises, Watchmen, Steel, Superman Returns and Jonah Hex.  That’s faint praise, I realise, since those movies were consistently awful.

But Suicide Squad isn’t awful.

Other than Christopher Nolan, we haven’t had a “not awful” DC movie in decades.

So I guess it’s a win?

Ty the Guy OUT!

I had a brief visit with Amanda Waller some years ago when I was drawing Justice League…

templeton waller 1

templeton waller 2

templeton waller 3

Joker, Killer Croc, and the rest of the Gotham City support stars that show up in Suicide Squad were all a big part of my time as a Batman writer and artist.  Here’s a fun Harley Quinn Snow Globe I designed for DC Direct some time back.  When you shake the globe, the money floats around Harley…

harley snow globe

I wanted the globe filled with “puddin”, but was told it would make it hard to see Harley inside.

star trek beyond link

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11 responses to “Waller to Waller Coverage Bun Toon! Yay!

  1. Depending on the consistency of the “puddin” it might have ended up looking like…. something else.
    Just sayin’.

  2. John D. Hooper

    Oh, yes. I remember that issue. I hated it, although your art was not the reason. Amanda Waller references “The Cult”, a Batman story so bad (Batman is completely out of character and the threat that the villian Deacon Blackthorn poses could be cleared up…as someone said at the time…by Green Lantern of a coffee break), I still ignore it as canon. And I remember *really* wanting that Harley snowglobe at the time!!

  3. John D. Hooper

    I remember that issue of Justice League. Hated it, but *not* because of Ty’s art. Amanda Waller references “The Cult” a Batman story *so* bad (Batman acts completely out of character and the threat of the villian Deacon Blackthorn could be…as someone pointed out at the time…cleared up by Green Lantern on a coffee break!), that to this day I ignore it as canon. But I also remember *really* wanting that Harley snowglobe at the time!!

  4. They will premiere the movie this week over here, but is great to know at least some thing are respected. Shame Smith didn´t realize Bronze Tiger was the character he really had to play, but let´s see…

  5. A letters page later pointed out that it was “Deacon Blackfire,” not Blackthorne. Maybe Paul Blackthorne can voice him if they make an animated version of Batman: The Cult? 🙂

  6. I was hoping you were going to share an image of the Suicide Squid 🙂

  7. That Harley Quinn was cringe-worthy in the oversexualization. Thankfully, EVERYONE in that movie was cringe-worthy for some reason or another, so Harl being turned into a generic sex doll goes unnoticed.

  8. Hoho I still have that issue of Justice League, that was the run I grew up with…a madeline moment” for reals, I feel eleven years old again….

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  10. It was a good Ted Kord Blue Beetle JL story! Thanks! Brain Freeze!

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