A Last Desperate Plea Bun Toon! AAHH!



I’d like to devote the Bun Toon to the madcap acid-world of Dr. Strange and the man who plays him, Barnabas Cumberland, but the fate of human civilization hangs in the balance, so I have no choice.


Just in case there’s ONE persuadable voter reading this Bunny Blog…



You know, I didn’t much love Bush, Romney, or McCain, and greatly disliked Nixon and Bush Jr., but none of them convinced me we were seeing the end of American history if they got elected.  It was a matter of degrees with them.

Trump is an extinction event for American democracy.  That’s not hyperbole, that’s a stone fact.

Good luck.

Ty the Guy OUT

Remember when making fun of his campaign was FUN?

trump toon colour


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5 responses to “A Last Desperate Plea Bun Toon! AAHH!

  1. Daniel Williamson

    Ty maybe you’re able to change the lettering but the second panel has “His his” instead of just one “his”.

    Just looking out!

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  3. That should be BENEDICT Cumberbatch,not Barnabas. Think Eggs Benedict or Benedict Arnold. Just shows you’re a Dark Shadows fan ! LOL Can you imagine how good that DS remake would have been if BENEDICT Cumberbatch had played Barnabas, instead of Johnny Depp ? Wishful thinking.

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