Sorry….The Bunny is Sick

I’ve been fighting some kind of virus all week.  Cancelled some of my classes, and lay in bed with literally every symptom you can name.  Yup, all the ugly ones, and some of the more presentable ones (like shivers, sneezes and coughs, as well as many far less discussable events).

And somehow, in the middle of all that, I messed up my right hand.  It’s dark purple and swollen like a balloon for a couple of days now.

It’s been an unpleasant week.

But I’ll see you soon.

Ty the Guy, Passed Out.

6 responses to “Sorry….The Bunny is Sick

  1. May next week be better!

  2. Yargh. Get better soon, sir!

  3. Paul the Curmudgeon

    Well, that’s crummy. As Will says, hope next week will be much better!

  4. Your readers in the Los Angeles area might be interested to know that Batman: The Movie and Mask of the Phantasm, which you touted last week, will be playing at the New Beverly Cinema as weekend matinees on March 4/5 and 11/12, respectively.

  5. Get well soon Ty! 🙂

  6. Yikes, Ty – sounds very unpleasant. Watch some soaps, sip some soup, listen to some good music…heal thyself.

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