Кролик мультфильм



Все града Наши российские оверлордов.



Ty the Guy OUT!

When I did a google search for “Russian Bunny” this is what I got:


I should have known that going in.


For the last Bun Toon, click here.




4 responses to “Кролик мультфильм

  1. Is funny ’cause is true, nyet?

  2. Paul Karamazov Curmudgeon

    Double funny as well as beautifully drawn as always, Tovarich! But I’m suffering culture shock as deep as a Novosibirsk snowfall: what happened to all my liberal friends who told me for years, “Russia is treated like an enemy only because the US NEEDS an enemy…..”?

  3. In old Soviet Union, Russian Bunny does you.

    Yeah, I’m gonna leave that right there.

  4. I’m just disappointed that so far, none of the Russian intelligence agents have used any Super-Apes. Like, not even ONE?? Really Russia?

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