Wonder Bun Toons! YAY! YAY!


I am Bunny.  Hear me ROAR.

As promised last week…I’m back with more to say about something.

bros before superheroes websize

It’s really not fair.

Don’t think we didn’t notice Harley was the only good thing in Suicide Squad, and Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman was the only good thing in The Dark Knight Winds Down.

This is a conspiracy, to push male dominated super-hero movies aside in favour of these female friendly movies Hollywood makes every thirty years.

I, for one, am not putting up with it.

After two or three more trips to the theatre to see Wonder Woman a few more times, I’m boycotting the film until it comes out on Blue Ray.

Who’s with me?

Ty the Guy OUT!

Wonder Woman is one of my favourite characters to draw on sketch covers for conventions…here’s a couple of recent ones that turned out somewhat un-awful.

ww consketch

gal gadot consketch

And while I’m comparing Harley, Catwoman, and Constantine’s movies to Wonder Woman’s…

bi woman rev3

last week link

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6 responses to “Wonder Bun Toons! YAY! YAY!

  1. I LOVED this movie! I have been waiting forever for my favourite Super to grace the big screen and I am very very happy! Gal was great as was the rest of the cast! HUZZAH! I am stoked for what they will bring next when they do WW’s second film!

    • I’m hoping we get the Tournament of Amazons and the giant kangaroos. I missed both of those…

      • I thought there was a kangaroo in the background in one of the Island scenes.

        • Then you timed your drugs better than I did. I was LOOKING for giant kangaroos. If there was one there, it eluded me. Lots of horses and goats. No ‘roos.

          • I should point out, I have drawn a total of four Wonder Woman stories and two WW posters in my career, and the kangaroo shows up in half of those jobs, literally. I have a thing for the giant amazon ‘roo.

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