Go West, Young Bunny.

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It goes without saying how much Adam West impacted my life.  I was EXACTLY the right age to become a lifelong fan when Batman come into our living room in 1966.  I remember the Adam West style Batman and Robin costumes my mother sewed for my brother and me when the show was still on the air.  I remember how excited I was to grow out of the Robin costume and finally fit into the Batman suit so I could be the Caped Crusader for Halloween in 1970.  It’s no coincidence that the lion’s share of my work for DC Comics takes place in Gotham City, from the animated Batman series, to the recent Batman 66 series, starring Adam West himself, it’s always my happiest place to be with Batman.

Thanks for the recent animated movies, and “Back to the Batcave” and Family Guy.  Thanks for the years of unbridled joy.



batman wall climb 2

I sketch Adam West style Batman covers at conventions ALL the time.  It’s likely the most common request I get.  Here’s a few of them from the last year or so… I’m sure there will be many more–

more batman 66 portraits

surfing batman


batmite v batman

batarang west

batusi catwoman

kitchener adam west batman

This is, maybe, my favourite portrait I ever did of Adam West’s Batman.  It’s hard to see in this image, but this drawing is on the back of a playing card, a fan brought to the table, and is only about three inches tall.


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9 responses to “Go West, Young Bunny.

  1. You are a jerk. Turning.grief about someone who brought us together into delusional hate speech.

    • Words have meanings, even when you’re upset. I’m curious as to what amounted to “hate speech” in my cartoon. Obviously, a fictional character getting into a fight with the President is delusional, that I’ll admit to….but “hate speech” is a term with an actual definition. I’m fairly certain you don’t understand its definition, and you’re simply barking random phrases you think might bother me. Please, educate me to where I used “hate speech” anywhere in this post. I’ll wait patiently, but I suspect you won’t respond, and you certainly won’t respond cogently.

    • Bill McCormick

      Another Trump snowflake.

  2. Grief is personal, and you’re doing you, Ty. Keep doing you.

  3. Love the post, Ty. I don’t know what that person could have possibly mean about hate speech. I guess they don’t like Trump being punched but if anyone has it coming…

  4. This literally brought me tears of joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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