Secret Rebirth of the Legacy Empire! YAY!

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Oh, Alt Bunnies.  Will I ever get tired of marketing you?

According to my calendar, it’s way past Spring.

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Thank gosh this sort of exploitative, hollow, cynical exercise only exists in satire.

Ty the Guy

Obviously I have to apologise for ever creating Ortiz, the pool boy.  Here he is, in his THIRD appearance, before I knew ethnic stereotyping was grossly offensive.  This appeared during the brief period that the bunny had died and was replaced by a minor support character to build readership.



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For the last Bun Toon, a tribute to Adam West Batman, click here

4 responses to “Secret Rebirth of the Legacy Empire! YAY!

  1. Will Shetterly

    Ortiz isn’t offensive. What’s offensive is the US’s racial hierarchy that perpetuates itself because there’s so little class mobility in the US.


    I love parallel universe cartoons!

  2. Why, that’s not a reference to the Spirit crossing over with Green Hornet ’66, available soon from Dynamite with covers by a certain bunny, is it?

    You can send the plugola check in the mail…. 😉

  3. The Dynamite crossover with Green Hornet is going to be “Green Hornet & the Spirit”.

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