The Bun Toon Explains ALL! YAY!

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Where would you be without my insights?

Recently, I’ve overheard a few people getting into a spirited philosophical discussion about the purpose of fiction and art in the world.

So, let me spell it out for ya.

fiction websize

And with that, I have rescued the internet from Supergirl, Spider-Gwen, Ghostbusters III, and the lady Thor.  I can’t control Doctor Who, that’s happening in England.

Ty the Guy OUT!

I have been an sf and pop culture fan for more than fifty years, and I’ve seen me all the Star Treks, the Star Wars-es, the Aliens and the Planets of the Apes.  But Doctor Who has ALWAYS been a comic book to me.  It started here:

gibbons who 1

By Dave Gibbons, David Lloyd, Steve Dillon and ALL the great British comic book artists of the 80s, I was hooked on this comic from the start.

But I swear to god, I never got into the show.  My wife and kids love it, all my friends love it, my colleagues and editors love it.  Someday, I’m going to get around to watching it.

But only if they finally cast a Lady Doctor Who, so I’m not holding my breath.

cosplay link

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7 responses to “The Bun Toon Explains ALL! YAY!

  1. Gender, race, sexual preference, none of it impedes the value or validity of fiction.

    Crappily-written material does, though. Poorly-drawn art does too, especially when paired to crappy writing.

    A lot of both have been cropping up at Marvel, in particular, in its drive for “diversity”. Which, absent good art and good writing means less than a tinker’s damn to anyone, EXCEPT the sort of racists and sexists and sexual prudes whose primary reason for picking up a comic book is much the same as the Fundamentalists who used to show all their friends how many Chick tracts they’d collected. “Look how enlightened I am, saved by the blood and ink of this hamfisted representation of Jesus Christ!”

    Women have been in comics since virtually the inception of the industry. There are fewer people in existence who complain about “women in comics” than there are people who insist such complaints are a scourge upon the field.

    God, I hop

    • Can you give some examples of some titles you think are poorly written/drawn due to diversity? You’re entitled to your opinion, but I honestly am not sure which titles you find fit that criteria. Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen, Nighthawk, Power-man and Iron Fist, Black Panther, Gwenpool, Thor and others…I’m seeing all of them as well written and well drawn. Some are much more stylized than others, but I don’t think their approach to diversity is really a problem. Now the art and writing of Secret Empire, I agree it’s not great on either aspect, but that’s an event, not diversity.

  2. *hope Marvel starts writing and drawing comics worth buying against soon.

  3. The guys in Wales will be a tad upset to find they’re in England.

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  5. Cast a Lady Doctor Who …bwaa ha, ha, ha, ha. That’ll be the day, you dreamer you.

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