Bun Toons goes to the Birds! YAY!

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I’m thankful that rabbits are so easy to draw.

american thanks

’nuff said.

Ty the Guy OUT!

little lulu

As someone who’s always been a colleague of Lulu (if not a dues-paying friend), it’s nice to see her bring a gun to a hatchet fight.  That’s the spirit.

friends of lulu

Some friends of Lulu brought a bomb.

julie link

For last week’s Bun Toon (somewhat on the same subject) click the image of a beloved industry icon of the past.

3 responses to “Bun Toons goes to the Birds! YAY!

  1. At one time I had EVERY Dell and Gold Key Little Lulu comic AND a small watercolor of her drawn and signed by Marge. Always loved Lu, Annie, Tubby, Willie, and the rest. The snow story STILL delights me.

  2. I left out Iggy and the witch. I HATE it when I leave out Iggy….!

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